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Friday, July 16, 2010

Take the Good..........Take the Bad

I hit a pothole the other day and this is what it produced:

Tons of repairs
     a cracked and bent rim 
               insurance involvement 
                       traction control issues 
                              ABS issues  
                                   no speedometer  
                                        no odometer  
                                              I'm waiting to find out the rest from the repair shop!
                                                    (ugh, I really don't want to know)

The good news:
WE are all FINE

bad news:
   we worried Grandma, 
               I was late to work (alot late), 
                       it made me grouchy and sick at the same time 
                              guys at work ALL had something to say 
                                     (which made me more angry and sick and grouchy)
More good news is 
                          the kiddos learned how to change a tire, on the side of the road.....
  warning:  inserting my opinion here
I think every driver should know how to change a flat tire and it should be a part of the driving test!!!

A lil more good news:
                   I didn't have to work my full shift that night!!

More good news.......
                I get to drive this sporty looking Jetta for a few days

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