This is just an outlet for me, to be able to get my thoughts out! I am a Woman, Wife and Mommy that also works outside the home! Just me trying to make it all work for the best for my family and myself! Just my journey!

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

I missed this:

I missed out on my oldest on Santa's lap (cause that is the only way you get your gift) missed out on my youngest, on Christmas Eve, on Santa's Lap
So, totally, missed out on this pic of the grandkids (that were there) with GG

Missed my girl with Santa
And I am sure Daddy took this one to be sure to show me what I missed out on, but Ya's is rolling her eyes' (a little satisfaction for mama)
I missed out on my youngest drinking (far toooo much punch), this is my silver lining!!
But, I didn't missy hubby kissing Elisse........................

or riding Mikey on the Snowmobile (they so didn't have the clothes for)...................
Or Molly getting a ride.............................Or Keryn..........................
Or Kars waiting for her ride...
Or the whole crew waiting their turn for the annual Christmas Party.....

I may have missed some of it, but not all of it............. Loving it all, missed or not!!!

Saturday, December 27, 2008

Welcoming Our New Addition

At a time when so many have recently added new additions to their family: It really made me think, aren't they just so precious?

And they can make you smile just with a look! So we really
Didn't want to get our hopes up! Thinking back, our children really have done well!

I am pleased with the children we have but I wouldn't mind adding to our family

they still make me smile with a look, they do require so much

It is so hard not to look at them as babies, that is what they are in my eyes!

So today we added a new addition to our family

Buddy on the left!! Hank on the right!!

Welcome Home Hank!!!

I really am enjoying our new addition!!

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Merry Christmas

Thought of all my blogger buddies out there, when I saw this! Too funny had to share! Merry Christmas to you and to your families!!

Monday, December 22, 2008

It is just fitting...

this is my 200th post...
And it is amazing
this is really Christmas Time!
We had our Christmas Party today!
Usually, I just do this with the kids and their friends. This year, I decided to invite my friends and their kids!! It was loud, but it was fun! The sound of pure joy running and jumping through the house is great!! Loved every minute of this stuff!
I am so sorry if you don't have a friend like my friend Jeannie, she just kept things going and kept everything in place! I am so thankful for her! As many years as I have done this, this is the one year it just didn't go smoothly on my part! The party went smooth just not me!
My Christmas Present, this year, is realizing what very very very VERY good friends I do have! There are so many of them! You can't even imagine. I so hope and pray I am just 1% the friend to all of them that they are to me!
You betcha, My New Year's Resolution: To be a much better friend!!

I am so sad I don't have pictures of Jeannie to post, she was moving to fast (taking care of myyy party)!! Love it, they are all good, very good friends and they all bring something different to the table! Love them so very very much!

Love you all my friends!!
I sure hope everyone is so blessed by great friends!!

Merry Christmas!!

Friday, December 19, 2008

My Poor Reindeer

I came upon my home after a day at work and an easy commute, to find that all my reindeer are tired of standing! All 5 of them seem to be sleeping. Larry put stakes in them in the ground so they would stay, Ha, guess they needed a nap!
So then I was very concerned. What else may have fallen over, in my absence? Turns out the stairwell and the tree at the top are both fine! Whew!
Oh no, what about the red tree in the kitchen, please don't let that one get tired, there are gifts for the fam under there!
Whew! A little taken apart, but not knocked over, thankfully!!
The tree in the living room, the real one, did that one give way to resting! Ahhhhh, thank God, it is still standing!
I was very concerned because of that really neat Christmas Train runs underneath this tree. There are very many presents under this tree too! Breath easy it is still standing!

Doing fine!!
The Front of our home looks ok! The tree in the "tower" (HA) is still standing and lit!

There it is that's the reason the deer couldn't stand any longer..............................
Look what has taken over my garage! Oh yea! I will be parking outside again!

Sad part is, I have to enjoy this, it is not only Larry into it, you can see Papaw and Adam are loving the new project too!!
It was so nice to park in the garage for that short time!! Now I understand, my poor reindeer just gave up!!! As soon as they saw this pull in the drive, they just fell over!

I almost had a garage to park my vehicle in! ALMOST! HA!!

Wednesday, December 17, 2008


Pictures will not post in the right order!!!

So it took me like 4 1/2 hours to get home from work, add in the stop at the grocery store and the stop to get something to drink and wake up a bit, you get 6 hours until I arrived home! I shouldn't have left work. It got to the point I didn't want to talk on my phone any longer and I didn't have my XM Radio (of all days not to bring it) and I sure didn't want to listen to the regular radio any longer, the traffic updates just got worse, I soooo did not want to hear it any longer.
On the other hand, the kids and hubby were at home, Nana made dinner, everyone there was happy! I interrupted their nice dinner at one point with one of my phone calls to check in (gee I am so sorry) HA! Anyway still a good night, all were happy and still awake when I finally walked in the door! I had enough time and energy to kiss and hug everyone, shoveled and swept the steps, grabbed my Mitchey and headed to bed, I think I told Nana I would be back downstairs soon! HA, I was fast asleep with Mitchey in my arms! Next, I remember Larry coming to bed and bringing Yaya in, he said "she looked cold" he said he tried to bring Adam but he was already sleeping! I know we have a king size bed, but how do you get 4 people or 5 in that bed, somehow it does happen!!
Loving IT!!
PS AVA the snow is really here, in Indiana!!!

Friday, December 12, 2008

Full Moon

The thought I had when I looked into the sky this evening at work at saw it!
A full moon on a cold evening!
Then a weird night at work, usually if some sort of communication goes out on the computer it is only one or two applications, this evening it was of them.
Then the 3rd shift Foreman not only called and chatted (which is really not out of the norm) but he chatted longer than usual, then he showed up just as early as he normally would. Then the guy that usually doesn't work hard, seemed to work a little hard, not without complaining or not doing something I wanted done, but unusually hard for him. Then I had to talk to him about wearing his rings and he complied and took them off, however, 1 hour, 1 HOUR later they were back on, are you kidding, do you really believe I am that much of a pushover? UNBELIEVABLE, I was ticked, I can't believe he would blatantly disobey the rules, I may be blond but I am not full of air, let alone hot air, what I say does go, I mean it, I am not playing a game, I absolutely refuse to have an injury due to rings!
The ride home was like driving during the day, tons of people on the road and the left lane was going the same speed as the right and every lane in between. Stop at a store, you would think it was morning, everyone wants to stop and chat and ask questions, Do these people not realize it is midnight and I am here to get STUFF DONE!!
Now do you understand!

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Mother of the Year..

Mitchell, You have to move your feet, not steer with your neck!
Go, Windy, use those feet (covered in wet boots) and legs and EXERCISE!!!!

Absolutely, go sledding, down that hill, right toward that creek!!! It is a little cold so maybe you should put your coat on and wear jeans!!!

In the snow we must show a little skin! Snow pants are for wusses and we don't have any of those here!!! Hats are so overrated just put your hood on!
Windy, boots are not necessary and it is all about the fashion, make sure you wear that cute brown coat, noooo not your warm one!!
Go babies!!!!!!!!! Having fun, with mommy taking pictures from the inside!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Nominate Me for Mother Of The Year! It is so obvious I am Well Deserving!!
Happy Sledding to all!! I mean those who have snow, not you Lomelins (unless you can sled on sand, hmmmmm, let me know)!!!!