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Sunday, December 7, 2008

Mother of the Year..

Mitchell, You have to move your feet, not steer with your neck!
Go, Windy, use those feet (covered in wet boots) and legs and EXERCISE!!!!

Absolutely, go sledding, down that hill, right toward that creek!!! It is a little cold so maybe you should put your coat on and wear jeans!!!

In the snow we must show a little skin! Snow pants are for wusses and we don't have any of those here!!! Hats are so overrated just put your hood on!
Windy, boots are not necessary and it is all about the fashion, make sure you wear that cute brown coat, noooo not your warm one!!
Go babies!!!!!!!!! Having fun, with mommy taking pictures from the inside!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Nominate Me for Mother Of The Year! It is so obvious I am Well Deserving!!
Happy Sledding to all!! I mean those who have snow, not you Lomelins (unless you can sled on sand, hmmmmm, let me know)!!!!


  1. You and me both!!! I do NOT do cold. There is nothing fun about freezing. I nominate you, because I'm sure I would be in the running too :)
    What would be even better is if we sat inside and drank nice, hot coffee and watched all of our kids play in the snow through the window!

  2. I want to hang with you and Lisa!!! :)

  3. Us moms do have a tendancy to worry about keeping our babies warm and protected. Looks like they had a freezing good time....and congrats on winning mother of the year...