This is just an outlet for me, to be able to get my thoughts out! I am a Woman, Wife and Mommy that also works outside the home! Just me trying to make it all work for the best for my family and myself! Just my journey!

Monday, September 29, 2008

I think they got it.....

Amazing, nine months with the same company and calling them out, time after time after time. Each time they called to say "REPAIRED" I said, "NO! Try again!" They did, time after time after time. First problem was this home is about 20 years old and I don't think anyone had DSL and I know the previous owners didn't even have a land-line, let alone DSL! Each time they repaired something and continued to adjust my account. With that all said, let me also tell you that this has been going on since we moved in, January! However, there was a full 3-4 weeks where it worked perfectly. You know, that 3-4 weeks was when it was most necessary, when my family visited. At that time, we were not only able to hook up the desk-top, but we were able to add a wireless connection, could it have been a mistake or a fluke? I think not, I think, know, that we had a little extra help at that time. As minuscule as you might think, 9 Internet people and one who benefits from it tremendously, is not a minuscule thing to me! If there was any one time I wanted it to work more than others, and as if, I could have chosen, it would have been then! Yes, so that my friends, is just another small miracle in my world!

Father-in-Law doing OK as far as I have heard. I know he came home from the hospital in less than a week, after having his other kidney removed. I know I join my MIL in the concerns of dialysis, but we also rejoice in God's Blessings on both my MIL and FIL. This battle they have fought together is nothing short of a miracle. Life is never easy, but how the two of them just make it work and have been for 45+ years is absolutely amazing! They still like each other, let-alone love each other. Good, no, Great role models to have in our lives.

I live in my house and I organize as though I live in it. My mother lives in her home and organizes as though she doesn't "LIVE" in her home. Make sense? It does to me right now. I organize a functioning living home. So, if you, "just stop by" there will be baskets, of dirty sorted laundry, lined up in the hallway, and dishes waiting to be put in the dishwasher and a dishwasher washing or waiting to be unloaded (one of the kids jobs and I refuse to fire any of them). You will find shoes by the front door and backpacks throughout, even though, by the end of the night (if I am home) the shoes will be put in closet (this job belongs to one of "those" I refuse to fire) and the backpacks will be placed inside the bench by the front door(same as above, I am not the firing kind). You will also find different shoes by the back door (which none of "those" I refuse to fire are currently assigned to put away) and a few small pebbles of dog food around that area, given enough time the dogs will clean that up (everyone participates in our house) and more than likely, at least, 1 basket of clean folded laundry (realistically 2 or 3 and they could be not in a basket but on my couch). So the difference is: I need 15 minutes of "sweaty mess, everyone participates, action" before someone comes over and My mom does not, she is always ready. However, I realize her methods, will not work for me, and my methods won't work for her. Good thing is, as far as, filth-flarrin'-filth neither of us will have it.
Bottom Line: If your visiting me call 1/2 hour ahead or at least 15 minutes and if your visiting my mom give her at least a 1/2 hour to 15 minutes advance notice. The difference: She will be pressed and ready and I will be ready!
Make sense? Makes sense to me!

let's see how long this Internet thing holds up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sunday, September 28, 2008


It is so good to be home and know I don't have to leave again very soon! I have been away from home more this month than I have been at home!
Even still, the greeting at coming home was less than what I wanted, but exactly what I expected. Walking through the door at 1am leaves not one person to greet you! Still didn't matter it was good to be home. Delayed, delayed, delayed! That is all I read on both my flights home this month. I hated it, HATED, it. When all you want to do is get home, the last thing you want to see is DELAYED! Anyway, home now, back to normal, or whatever we were as a family before.
I still have intermittent Internet! They have been out to fix it twice since I blogged last and they will be out tomorrow! If they would just listen to me, I can tell them how to fix it! Spend lots of money and use state of the art wiring and cabling and then, just maybe we will have a phone we can dial 9-1-1 on and they will be able to understand and just then, MAYBE I can BLOG uninterrupted!!! Just a thought!
The kids were supposed to do chores while I was gone, but they didn't do so well! I know that Nana and Grandpa didn't ask them to do their chores and didn't even push the point, it is to be expected of Grandparents. The kids were well taken care of and their homework was on time and all papers were signed that needed to be! What more can I ask for, NOTHING! I am so impressed every time our parents come over to help us be parents!
Hubby is working far too much overtime! I am not complaining about his checks though!!!!!!
We do have a ton of work to get the kids back where I expect them to be! Tonight, Yaya helped with dinner and all 3 helped with KP after dinner! After about the 30Th detail on who to do what when, they said "OK mom OK, we got it, we understand now!" Out to the fire I went with my book and off hubby went to the TV with his remote and WALLA the kitchen is clean! Yes, they got it!
Maybe, I'll have ongoing internet tomorrow and I can blog for real!!

Sunday, September 14, 2008

It is still not working properly

Our Internet and telephone have been "repaired" at least 4 times in the past month. Each time the company assures me it has been repaired properly, this time. Within 1 hour I discover we are having the EXACT same trouble I have called them out for! This is old, very very OLD! I believe I have a contract with them, but I wonder if you can prove how much trouble your having if that isn't a legitimate way out?

I am home for a short visit and I am supposed to head to Texas for more training. With hurricane Ike and the weather, I wonder if I really will be heading out again. Either way, I'll just have to "get it in" later.

Most important news: Keep my FIL in your prayers, he has started dialysis and it is going OK, not good and definitely not great. It is a learning process for both my in-laws. He also has surgery scheduled for the 19Th, to be the first of at least a couple.

Hubby, children and my parents all not only survived but were victorious in the two weeks without Mama. I did help with setting up with initial schedules, but they had to communicate daily and accommodate each others, changing schedules. Being as that, I was only available for phone conversations once each day, maybe twice, I wasn't much help and my availability for problem solving or schedule changing was limited, at best. My family is amazing at their ability to be flexible. Communication is key. Thanks so much to my family for allowing me the opportunity to achieve my goals!

Updates on my training to come soon, I am still processing two weeks crammed in! I took away so many key points, it was awesome.

Sunday, September 7, 2008


Often WOW is the only term I can use or anyone at work can use to describe the situation or the statement or what is to come next.

I use the term WOW to describe being gone, for work training, from my family for 2, two, TWO weeks. It is a great experience for me but I don't believe you can even begin to imagine the hurt in my heart that is happening. I really am enjoying getting to know the other Supervisors in my company, but WOW, the amount of missing my family is absolutely horrific!

Also, I haven't told you, but FIL has been back in the hospital, for about two weeks now. His Kidney, the only one he has, is not functioning properly. I had hoped and prayed that it would begin to function as it should and as God has created it to, once they had removed the blockage. Much to my dismay it has not begun to function as it should. Yea, you can imagine, WOW! We have and continue to believe and pray for the most amazing outcome, and I can beat up on myself and I can beat up on God for this happening to such an amazing, God fearing, father, grandfather, father-in-law, brother, friend, and so many more things to so many more people, but this is the reality of it. He is going to have to have his ONE working kidney removed and live life with treatments of dialysis. I don't know why and I don't know what the reason could ever possibly be. I do know that as we all go through this with him we will just all trust that God does know the why's and the how's and we will be content in that. I will continue to pray and ask questions of God. That is just me! Please, pray with me for my FIL. Pray that all is well directed and designed. That God is the Conductor in all of this. Please also pray for the rest of my family who will continue to ask the why's and the how's.

Thank you