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Sunday, September 28, 2008


It is so good to be home and know I don't have to leave again very soon! I have been away from home more this month than I have been at home!
Even still, the greeting at coming home was less than what I wanted, but exactly what I expected. Walking through the door at 1am leaves not one person to greet you! Still didn't matter it was good to be home. Delayed, delayed, delayed! That is all I read on both my flights home this month. I hated it, HATED, it. When all you want to do is get home, the last thing you want to see is DELAYED! Anyway, home now, back to normal, or whatever we were as a family before.
I still have intermittent Internet! They have been out to fix it twice since I blogged last and they will be out tomorrow! If they would just listen to me, I can tell them how to fix it! Spend lots of money and use state of the art wiring and cabling and then, just maybe we will have a phone we can dial 9-1-1 on and they will be able to understand and just then, MAYBE I can BLOG uninterrupted!!! Just a thought!
The kids were supposed to do chores while I was gone, but they didn't do so well! I know that Nana and Grandpa didn't ask them to do their chores and didn't even push the point, it is to be expected of Grandparents. The kids were well taken care of and their homework was on time and all papers were signed that needed to be! What more can I ask for, NOTHING! I am so impressed every time our parents come over to help us be parents!
Hubby is working far too much overtime! I am not complaining about his checks though!!!!!!
We do have a ton of work to get the kids back where I expect them to be! Tonight, Yaya helped with dinner and all 3 helped with KP after dinner! After about the 30Th detail on who to do what when, they said "OK mom OK, we got it, we understand now!" Out to the fire I went with my book and off hubby went to the TV with his remote and WALLA the kitchen is clean! Yes, they got it!
Maybe, I'll have ongoing internet tomorrow and I can blog for real!!


  1. Welcome home! It's great you had grandparents help while you were away. Glad you are back safe and sound...

  2. Yay! So glad you're back. I have let things slide here myself. In fact, when the kids get home they are not going to be happy about the chores they have to do. It's funny how knowing people are coming over will kick things into gear, huh?
    I hope to see you at some card clubs this year! Even if it's only one, and you only stay for a little bit. We miss you! I miss you!

  3. Thanks so much for the welcome home Mimi. I am very thankful for our parents and their involvement in our lives and our kids lives!

  4. Lisa, I miss you too. Card club will probably not be the way we meet though, unless I get off of this screwy schedule!
    My rump always gets in gear when people are coming over, although it doesn't motivate me as much as it used to!!