This is just an outlet for me, to be able to get my thoughts out! I am a Woman, Wife and Mommy that also works outside the home! Just me trying to make it all work for the best for my family and myself! Just my journey!

Wednesday, January 30, 2008


We are currently moving and it is on-going. It is taking a lot of time and since I did not take any time off of work, it is taking a little longer than usual!!!!

We are about 80% moved, we still have a few things to come! We are plugging away at it!

Kids are in new schools and the transition was smoooooth! It was amazing and peaceful! Kids all have teachers that are working well with them and understand the move is a little difficult! They are giving us room and helping us with learning the changes!! Adam came home from school and for the first time in months, didn't have a headache from a noisy class!!! What a relief!

No work yet on the interview for the position I wanted.

Thank you to all of you who wished me a Happy Birthday! Yes, it is true, I am a year younger!!! I just wish I would grow up instead of out!!!!!!! My goals for this year have not been all achieved, however, long term goals have! I'll share more later!

Thanks so much to everyone for your well wishing! Thank you even more for your prayers, and please continue! I can tell you that God has really answered our prayers and continues to, who else would have made this such a smooth transition!

Saturday, January 26, 2008

I would rather not be, but..........

I am! One of those people you hate to move! We are not ready! Maybe I'll start to get ready tomorrow! For now, I need to sleep and go to work tonight and pack for reallllllllllllllll tomorrow! Please pray for energy for me, and tons and tons and tons of ambition! Thank you all so much!!!!!

Tuesday, January 22, 2008


That is a picture of the new home! I am so excited! We have begun to move stuff in, but are going slow!

Did you know that you have to withdraw the kids from school before you can enroll them! This process takes me a little longer because of limited time, I do not have an entire day to do both!

My husband has found several great houses over the years! Each time, in the end I won't move, I won't go through with it! It scares me! I love living in the same place and knowing where I am coming home to each night! Because of the craziness of life this is a luxury for me for the past 14 years! I know to most it is crazy, but you have to know, the people I love know where to find me and how to get in touch! I can't tell you how many times there has been a note in the door from a loved one we haven't seen in a while or when someone has shown up on our doorstep! Call me crazy, I like that! I like that I can be counted on! I like that we were established here and my kids have only memorized one land line number in all their years, and only one address! This time, it was different, there was a confirmation, a sense of peace, of calmness and clear direction! How could I ever ask for more direction or if this is right, I was told and directed!!! No if, ands, or buts, it is right! How can you lose with direction like that! Hopefully next week at this time I will be blogging from our new location!

As far as cool other changes: Mitchey lost tooth number two!

I am writing a resume for hubby, he has always been self-employed and now is trying to try something new! He is gungho (I am apprehensive) and knows that this is right, so I follow!
Job posting ends today, and I find out if I get an interview tomorrow!
The kids are very excited for the change and still a little concerned.
I have still put in for a position that moves us from our current area, and that opens up in about 1 year!
Whew! Feels good to admit that we are moving!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Feels great to admit that it makes me nervous and that I am excited too!
Change, change is good! Please continue to pray for the position for me and add to your prayers the smooth transition for my family!

Monday, January 21, 2008

Sunday, January 20, 2008

Are you ready to read my RAAAAAAMMBBLLLEE

two days of midnights and finishing on my first day off is rough, I lost 1/2 a day somewhere!!

Life is so amazing, I love watching life happen

Did you know that Stephanie and Sara are pregnant!! Funny thing, on our way out of Costco tonight, I asked hubby: "aren't you so happy we aren't having any more children?" He did not reply! I think he might have liked more children, or so he thinks he would! I am very content with the size of our family and the children we have!

Scott posted on evangelism tonight and I really think he hit on some good points. Not so much the bad weather the endured but what he viewed and took for opportunity for the next time!

The job posting closes in two days and now. so many other changes have taken place at my place of business. I still said I would move for a better position, but that doesn't take place for over 1 year. The position I am seeking, keeps me in Chicago for a while longer!

I have great family! I am going through a ton of changes right now and both my mom and my mom-in-law were here tonight to help! What a blessing is that!

Goals, goals goals, what will I have reached and what shall I set for next year!

I like routine and when it is thrown off, I tend to forget what needs to happen!!

My boss is retiring soon, I need to get promoted while he is still there!!

LAUNDRY, so much laundry! 1 more day off, I need to get it done!

Do I have the only boys who totally toooooootaalllllllllllly miss the toilet bowl!! This is making me crazy!! What can I do!!

So much to do! I better get on with it!

Friday, January 18, 2008

I want this job.........

It posted, the job in the "Roundhouse" the type of job I have been in training for! This job is what "they" have sent me back to cover, until they find someone. I sure hope I am someone that can fill these shoes!!! I am not exactly the perfect candidate but I am extremely motivated and extremely SCARED!!! I am one week from my 36Th Birthday and this is the last goal I had set to achieve in this year, it still has time to happen.
I am asking, Believe, pray and hope with me, please!

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Everything always works out

I have another option as of yesterday!! I went back to the yard I was so sad to leave and do you believe they posted an exempt position!! Yes, this is what I have been believing for, I am hoping now the timing is right! Don't get me wrong I also put in for the position that will have us moving, this is such an awesome opportunity it was too hard to pass up!

But, in the real amazing news, the news that means the most to me...
Someone lost a tooth and before he turns 7, unlike the others!! I know so unusual for everyone else, since kids are usually younger! My children have so far lost their first tooth when they are in first grade, 7 years old. Both of the older two lost their first tooth in the car! So this is a first, first, first: 6 years old, at home, and I wasn't there!! Still exciting, I came home to find one clean tooth out of mouth! Oh yes, tooth fairy visited and she pays well for clean teeth.........$2. Did I mention I missed that part too. Daddy didn't, and he says Mitchey was excited! We have a very cool tooth fairy.

Sunday, January 13, 2008

Is this real?

Isn't life crazy!?

I just wonder:
what's next?
Which one of my children are going to give me the next "hard question"?
Am I staying in this area, or should I try to take a position in another area?
What is the best choice for myself and my family?
I am coming up on my 36th Birthday and I have discovered that I have not yet atained a goal I have set in front of myself! This is the first time in a long, long time for this! You see, I am a goal oriented woman! It makes me very happy to reach goals, I feel a sense of accomplishment!

I have reached those goals as a mom this year and I am very proud!

I have reached the goals that I have set for a wife this year and I am content and looking forward to new goals!

I have set personal goals, and I feel I have reached those (they were a little less specific this year) and I am very proud!

Career goals is where I am most disappointed, I can see myself going that way and have for a long time, but, BUT nothing has worked out yet! This is very disappointing.
I still have two more weeks of 35 let's see what that brings!!

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

A tag.........

I have been tagged by Mimi's Toes
7 Things You Don't Know About Me
I am going to try and be creative, but what could I have possibly not told you........after telling you that I was in a circus and I haven't shaved in 3 years.........this took tons of thinking. Here goes:

1. I really do not like to shower at night, no matter how yucky I am. But when I do I feeeeeeeeeeeel so much better!!

2. Grounding is my main sort of punishment right now, for all children! It tends to make me feel as though the point has been made!! To be honest, I can't paddle the oldest to make a difference, he has no feeling in his behind. The youngest thinks it is funny and it makes him giggle and it is just tooo tough for baby girl, she is so tender!!

3. I love watching people play poker!! I like it most in real life when my hubby plays, I actually find it is relaxing for me!!

4. I was totally involved in the planning of my first two children, they were conceived a bit faster than I planned, but that was such a relief, I was scared so I gave us time!! I was doing all the right things not to have another child, and we found ourselves pregnant!! Doc says, birth control is only 99% effective and it happens more than we could imagine!! How scary! How awesome is that, I didn't plan him and I can't imagine our lives without our baby boy!!

5. I totally stink at this housekeeping thing!! I could tell you every other day, it was clean yesterday, but it may not have been!! I really want our house to stay nice all the time, but I am not willing to sacrifice; sanity, sleep, marriage, love of children and love of hubby in order to keep it constant clean, or picked up!! There are many days where I will welcome you in my home and I will have to call children to put away their folded clothes in order for you to have a place to sit!!

Ok now I am struggling, thinking thinking thinking, what do I tell you that I haven't told you.......

6. I cannot stand talking about periods!! I don't like knowing when others have it and do not like telling other people when mine is! Is that weird, should I be more comfortable with that? I wasn't even comfortable with talking about it when I was younger! Weird? yes yes I know

7. I went to college in Providence, Rhode Island and did my externship in South Carolina, on Hilton Head Island!! My plans were to stay on there....after all, the boyfriend I had was only supposed to be for a moment!! That all changed, when the boyfriend I had came to Hilton Head Island for a visit and proposed!! I am so happy he did, I would have been so lonely on Hilton Head Island (the beauty, I am sure, would have worn off) and tooo career focused, and I would not have been able to blog (things yo don't know about me) #2 ever, nor would there have been a reason for me to start blogging, my life would have been so different and so unfulfilled!! Thanks for Proposing Larry, I will still take you over Hilton Head Island today!!

PS A visit to Hilton Head Island would be nice though!!!

Now I get to tag:
I so want to know more about these ladies...........I hope they bring it!!!

Saturday, January 5, 2008


The family went with me to where I have been working because I had to pick up my safety stuff!!!
So I can go back to the other yard! Anyway, I took advantage of the time there and showed hubby and the kids around, just a bit! I really really wanted them to get a ride on a loco but the change of shift really put a damper on things!! So I showed them around as much as I could!! Not sure but I could probably get in trouble for this stuff! When I heard my oldest say that I am sooooooo coool because I work at such a cool place, nothing else mattered!! Adam had so many questions about loco's and they way things worked, I felt proud and honored, My boy, MY BOY wanted to know about what I do!! I felt like "COOL MAMA" for a moment! Do you believe that these little faces did not want to go at all when I was trying to get them to get ready to get going! I cannot stand that, they tell you how boring it is going to be and horrible it will be! Then, you get there and you find them interested and smiling and there must have been 10,000 thank you's on the ride home! Oh, I just got another one!

Thursday, January 3, 2008

Not one for the children, a little to honest........

Many of you already know that I have been married to Larry for going on 14 years! BUT, many of you don't know that they have not been all great.............

Larry asked me, the other night "why did you stay with me when I was mean?"

When I heard him ask me this question, I was very distraught.

I can remember the early years of our marriage being, not-so-great! I was going through so much! And he was learning to be a husband to a woman going through so much!

My parents divorced, finally,when I was 15, after my sister begged, and I mean begged my mom to leave. I remember my sister, Windy, saying, "you leave him or I leave you." This was my dad, my amazing daddy! It was hard and no one else in our extended family knew what was going on, because my mom was soooooo good at being a mom, aunt, wife and friend!! This was too unbelievably hard for me, I went back to stay with my dad. But, when I got hungry and Grandma wasn't bringing food I needed to call mommy to bring me home, and she did. And then I went back to Daddy and when I was hungry AGAIN, Mommy came and picked me up again!

Now, there are other things in my childhood that I am not ready to blog on yet, but they added to my mixed up emotions at that time!

A few months later we lost Windy. By someone who chose to take her. This added to my mixed up feelings.

A couple years later I found myself in love with the man I married, but I went to college anyway and graduated! I know and Larry knows I needed to do this!

I came home and we got married!

He was not always nice but I was (for lack of a better word) a bitch!!!!!! And if you didn't live with me back then you have no idea. He supported me through career choices and meeting the demands of parents and keeping a relationship with daddy (he wasn't doing well). I decided I needed counseling yet again and I went! This one told me maybe medication would help and my words were "no, if I can't make it through this with my own mind, then something is wrong".

We went to church, we had our first child and I portrayed the part of a good wife and mommy, hurting in my heart all along! I just couldn't let go of the past!

What stunk about all this is that I could keep myself together in front of people and Larry just wanted to be himself! So his words weren't always so nice in front of everyone! And my words always were, and then when were alone I was HATEFUL!!

Then I started taking this stupid medicine and I could feel again, I could really laugh, and cry, and hurt again, I could feel the sadness and I began to deal with it! I began to really feel again! So begins the dealing with life, I hadn't done this for 9 years and my son needed me and my marriage needed me to be a positive part! So, I took responsibility for my part in the hurting and something amazing happened...... I found my husband still really and truly loved me and I had always loved him! We were not nice to each other in the beginning even though I was a "b" he was a "D" and we began to really begin a real relationship, no fronts, no hidings, no faking it, the real us! And here we are today, I couldn't imagine my life without him! No his words were not nice and I was not nice at all! Almost 14 years later we have truly learned to talk and he is the one I want to "MOST" spend my time with, I really really love him and you know what........ I know I am #1 in his life and this is amazing to me! I have hurt him in more ways than I ever wish to admit and I am sure he feels the same!! All that said, if things didn't go the way they did, I am not sure where I would be!

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Rumor has it

Rumors are sometimes not-so-much rumor's sometimes they are truth!! I am heading back to my old position, the other location, this training is over! I have been told that the training time I have had is over and I did a fine job and they think I learned it well but all good things must end! I didn't even get to say good-bye to the people I was working with! I think hubby and I will take a ride out, after all, all my safety equipment (that is necessary for the job) is still in my locker at the location I was at! This will give me time to say my thank you's and good bye's! Good thing is that I am going back to what I already know how to do and I get a loooong weekend! Boss actually asked me when I wanted to come back, did I want to wait until Monday or come back now! HMMMMM let's see, I worked all the holidays and haven't been home much, maybe (no brainer) I'll take the extra time off!!! I miss the people I am going back to, but I have met and worked with so many other amazing people!

Anyway, this phone call came this morning, while I was at breakfast with a good friend and all our kids and we haven't been together in a while! I really enjoyed seeing them and my how her kids have grown and how fun it was to sit and sip coffee with a good friend! My day off (at first my only day off) continued to be fab from there!! I took the kids to the mall just to roam, with no agenda, except for what they had on their minds and we looked! Everyone found a new piece of clothing they wanted and Adam found the big belt buckle he has really wanted!! No wait, the day didn't end though, we went home to pick up daddy and headed to see a movie. The Water Horse was a good movie and we all enjoyed it, well daddy enjoyed his rest in the middle of the movie (don't worry I filled him in on the middle of the movie later, so he could keep up with the kids) and I enjoyed sitting between my two baby boys and both of them, yes even the 12 year old, let me hold them!! Oh yes, my day could have ended there!! I watched my baby girl curl into her daddy and they, I mean she, watched the movie with her daddy holding her! Next, it was on to see another Good Friend I haven't seen in a long time! We laughed and played Yahtzee and watched all 7 of the kids enjoy each other! Her 3 year old twins are hilarious!! Her 3 year old son is always trying to be "Mr. Chinni" he goes to work and burns wood and makes food and her 3 year old daughter is the Princess among Princesses!! But, when I heard her talk about The Queen Grandma I knew where she got it!! Last, it was home for posting and bed!! It ended up to be a good day anyway, in spite of the RUMOR!!!

I dunno......

Sounds like everyone's kids right.........................
Truth is, I went to work tonight thinking I would be in the same place on Friday (after my rest days) and I am not real sure now! I told the boss at the location I am at that I would see him on Friday, unless he has heard differently and has not contacted me!!
Isn't it funny how the people with the rumors, who aren't supposed to know anything, know more than those of us who are supposed to know!!!!!!!