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Sunday, January 20, 2008

Are you ready to read my RAAAAAAMMBBLLLEE

two days of midnights and finishing on my first day off is rough, I lost 1/2 a day somewhere!!

Life is so amazing, I love watching life happen

Did you know that Stephanie and Sara are pregnant!! Funny thing, on our way out of Costco tonight, I asked hubby: "aren't you so happy we aren't having any more children?" He did not reply! I think he might have liked more children, or so he thinks he would! I am very content with the size of our family and the children we have!

Scott posted on evangelism tonight and I really think he hit on some good points. Not so much the bad weather the endured but what he viewed and took for opportunity for the next time!

The job posting closes in two days and now. so many other changes have taken place at my place of business. I still said I would move for a better position, but that doesn't take place for over 1 year. The position I am seeking, keeps me in Chicago for a while longer!

I have great family! I am going through a ton of changes right now and both my mom and my mom-in-law were here tonight to help! What a blessing is that!

Goals, goals goals, what will I have reached and what shall I set for next year!

I like routine and when it is thrown off, I tend to forget what needs to happen!!

My boss is retiring soon, I need to get promoted while he is still there!!

LAUNDRY, so much laundry! 1 more day off, I need to get it done!

Do I have the only boys who totally toooooootaalllllllllllly miss the toilet bowl!! This is making me crazy!! What can I do!!

So much to do! I better get on with it!


  1. Oh how I rejoiced with excited!

    But, like you, we are content with our family of four....with no regrets! =)


  2. Can't help you with the "boy" thing, but I feel you on the laundry. I kept putting it off, and then had to play catch-up yesterday.

  3. I feel your pain about the toilets!

    Wow, I hope your job gives you everything you want. You are such a hard working mom!