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Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Everything always works out

I have another option as of yesterday!! I went back to the yard I was so sad to leave and do you believe they posted an exempt position!! Yes, this is what I have been believing for, I am hoping now the timing is right! Don't get me wrong I also put in for the position that will have us moving, this is such an awesome opportunity it was too hard to pass up!

But, in the real amazing news, the news that means the most to me...
Someone lost a tooth and before he turns 7, unlike the others!! I know so unusual for everyone else, since kids are usually younger! My children have so far lost their first tooth when they are in first grade, 7 years old. Both of the older two lost their first tooth in the car! So this is a first, first, first: 6 years old, at home, and I wasn't there!! Still exciting, I came home to find one clean tooth out of mouth! Oh yes, tooth fairy visited and she pays well for clean teeth.........$2. Did I mention I missed that part too. Daddy didn't, and he says Mitchey was excited! We have a very cool tooth fairy.


  1. Man, I remember feeding him a bottle when I came to see you at the hospital after he was born. Now look how big he is!
    When you say "move", are you talking far away? I know God's plans are best, so I'm sure if you are moving, it will be somewhere nice and warm where friends can come for nice long visits, right?

  2. I am so glad I am not the only one who looks at him like he was just born yesterday!!

  3. I cannot believe he is 7!!!!!!!!! It's been way too long since I've seen them all. By the way, loved your comment on my anger post!

  4. I can remember changing his diapers in the church nursery. He was a delightful baby and played so well with the other kids. You pay well...some pay $5, which I think is a little steep. One night I forgot to leave take the tooth after paying and my son wondered why the tooth fairy didn't take the he left it under again and made another couple one!

  5. Just a hint to the tooth fairy (maybe you already do it), Gunny always had his kids put their tooth in a baggie before putting it under the pillow. Made it easier for the TF to find it. :)

    I'll include your job opportunities in my prayers today. I always tell my kids, "Pray for God's guidance, and then make the best decisions you can -- it'll work out!"


  6. My son just lost his first one too, in the exact same spot!
    Isn't funny how they feel like they are such a big kid now that they FINALLY lost a tooth?