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Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Rumor has it

Rumors are sometimes not-so-much rumor's sometimes they are truth!! I am heading back to my old position, the other location, this training is over! I have been told that the training time I have had is over and I did a fine job and they think I learned it well but all good things must end! I didn't even get to say good-bye to the people I was working with! I think hubby and I will take a ride out, after all, all my safety equipment (that is necessary for the job) is still in my locker at the location I was at! This will give me time to say my thank you's and good bye's! Good thing is that I am going back to what I already know how to do and I get a loooong weekend! Boss actually asked me when I wanted to come back, did I want to wait until Monday or come back now! HMMMMM let's see, I worked all the holidays and haven't been home much, maybe (no brainer) I'll take the extra time off!!! I miss the people I am going back to, but I have met and worked with so many other amazing people!

Anyway, this phone call came this morning, while I was at breakfast with a good friend and all our kids and we haven't been together in a while! I really enjoyed seeing them and my how her kids have grown and how fun it was to sit and sip coffee with a good friend! My day off (at first my only day off) continued to be fab from there!! I took the kids to the mall just to roam, with no agenda, except for what they had on their minds and we looked! Everyone found a new piece of clothing they wanted and Adam found the big belt buckle he has really wanted!! No wait, the day didn't end though, we went home to pick up daddy and headed to see a movie. The Water Horse was a good movie and we all enjoyed it, well daddy enjoyed his rest in the middle of the movie (don't worry I filled him in on the middle of the movie later, so he could keep up with the kids) and I enjoyed sitting between my two baby boys and both of them, yes even the 12 year old, let me hold them!! Oh yes, my day could have ended there!! I watched my baby girl curl into her daddy and they, I mean she, watched the movie with her daddy holding her! Next, it was on to see another Good Friend I haven't seen in a long time! We laughed and played Yahtzee and watched all 7 of the kids enjoy each other! Her 3 year old twins are hilarious!! Her 3 year old son is always trying to be "Mr. Chinni" he goes to work and burns wood and makes food and her 3 year old daughter is the Princess among Princesses!! But, when I heard her talk about The Queen Grandma I knew where she got it!! Last, it was home for posting and bed!! It ended up to be a good day anyway, in spite of the RUMOR!!!


  1. Sounds like you've had a nice start to the New Year!!


  2. HAPPY NEW YEAR! Welcome back to the old job!

  3. Thanks so much your posts are amazingly encouraging! Most amazingly received by two amazing woman, can I be more like you?

  4. Happy New Year...Will you be working shift work at the old job?