This is just an outlet for me, to be able to get my thoughts out! I am a Woman, Wife and Mommy that also works outside the home! Just me trying to make it all work for the best for my family and myself! Just my journey!

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Crazy Cardinal

This cardinal did this over and over and over all last summer! At first I thought it had something to do with the flowers on the table, but after removing them, he still came back!

Friday, May 23, 2008


It boils down to:
Spending time together!
It is all worth it!!!

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Happy Birthday Nathan

He is so handsome!!!

Hope you have a great day!

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Mother's Day....

Mother's Day was sooo cool! Best one for me yet!
Instead of working midnights on Saturday night I was asked if I wanted to work afternoons, so I could sleep in on Mother's Day and be there in the morning! Yep, that is what I want to do! So we switched and I worked afternoons. To my surprise the Supervisor for midnights, that night, was seen driving into the parking lot at 800pm? What is he doing here at 800pm? I go on with my norm and continue getting my trains ready to go! We are having locomotives fail on us and running short on time (just setting the crazy scenario). The other supervisor sends an IM and writes: "can you be ready to go at 900pm?" To which I answer: "Huh, what?" The other supervisor makes his way to the Service Track office, just in time to hear another locomotive is dead, he walks over to help and discovers it is dead and needs to go back to its home for repair! Now, I am sooo not leaving, not stepping out on my responsibility! He walks in the office, where I am, and says, "See you later, have a happy Mother's Day". I continue on and let him know what is going on and he continues to tell me to leave! I finally listen, ready to cry, no one has been this nice and caring on the railroad so far. I am taken back and still can't believe that not only do I not have to work midnights, but now I am leaving early! I think I thanked him a bazillion times!
Fast Forward, after good sleep!
My children, not until 10:45 are at my bedroom door, with two plates of breakfast and the jar of peanut butter, just in case! I wish I took pictures!
They made breakfast, together, all by themselves! I had waffles with ice cream, a tangerine (peeled and sectioned and used for garnish), toast with jelly, strawberry yogurt, and marshmallows made into a snowman and a face drawn on with chocolate syrup, and of course, some coffee! Wow, they did it all by themselves!
Next, my mom shows up at my house, I am not prepared, I don't have a card or a gift or anything and she brings "stuff" to make breakfast for us! So I suck as a daughter, but am totally blessed as a mommy! We all eat a hot breakfast together, Egg Cake, it is so yummy!
Next, we visit my MIL and are more prepared for her, flowers and a card! It was a beautiful visit and it is at GG's house so we are able to visit with extended family, nice!
But it isn't over! Hubby took me to Second City with friends and we laughed out loud, I thought this was a good show!
Now, that is the best Mother's Day yet, how will they top it next year????
Who am I kidding, with those faces, how could there ever be a "not great" Mother's Day!!

Friday, May 9, 2008

Happy Belated Birthday Papaw!

Better late than never.
Papaw is one of the Good Guys! He has been an awesome father-in-law to me and an awesome Papaw!
He is one you can always count on! Especially if your his family. He takes family very serious and has protected all of us in the family, one way or another! His prayers are the most protection anyone could ask for!
Papaw has been a true blessing to our family! He has taught us how to love unconditionally and how to laugh out loud!
He does enjoy teasing and having a good time! And when you realize he is teasing all you can do is laugh!
I listen to my hubby talk of his childhood and what an awesome father he was to him. He coached Larry's teams and Larry always felt loved! He instilled good morals and life skills in Larry.
He has been supportive to both Larry and I, in our marriage and in our lives individually! Encouragement is something he has given freely, like he gives and shows love. He has really supported our children! He has been there throughout! The fun times, freezing outside and getting rained/snowed on and wind blowing or the blistering heat, he has been there to watch the kids play their sports!
He is also tough, and prayerful and a true believer. He loves God Honestly and knows He holds his future!
Papaw has not had an easy life, but he perseveres, ALWAYS! Papaw has fought cancer and continues to fight the effects of it. He has had several surgeries and doesn't let it get him down! He has a new bladder and is continuing the fight for everything to work properly!
I can remember when I knew he really cared, I could see it in his eyes and he didn't want anything in return. I remember just knowing I was welcomed and accepted into his family. We have spent alot of time together, more in the past (this job thing gets in the way). I have gotten to go to his home with him and enjoy his family, amazing, I see Mamaw (his mommy) put alot into her family.
Anyway, Papaw has done some amazing things over the years, like when he used to come and hold Adam, as a newborn, after work. Adam had colic and Papaw came by, just to give me a break and Adam would sprawl out on his belly and the two of them would rest together, while I rested alone! He loves his grandchildren, tremendously!
He is always making up silly songs and singing them! The kids have joined in on this!
I could go on and on!
Papaw, Happy Belated Birthday! We love you very very much!
I couldn't imagine having a better Father-in-law, let alone a better Grandpa! It has been truly an honor to be a member of your family!

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

I thought I was jealous

turns out, I am not-so-much jealous! Maybe I thought I was missing out!

I have talked to several parents and read many of blogs on doing the Kids Homework, mostly the special projects. We have always helped our kids with homework, they never really do it alone, unless they choose to! I am talking about missing out on those special crazy projects. The major book reports that the teacher knows the parents have to help out on! I finally got one! Not by the first born, but by the second born! Of course she put it off until last minute! Putting it off, this time, would have been fine, if she would have remembered what she read! No, she didn't remember very much about the book she read! I reread the entire, ENTIRE, Ramona Quimby Age 8, by Beverly Cleary! The book was 180 pages, but in big print! We read it in a couple of hours and the report part wasn't tough! The toughest part was finding the "things" to put in her bag, because it was a "bag report"! We, I mean she, had to have stuff in her bag to represent each of the characters in the book and all of the main events in the book! I still don't know what grade we, I mean she got, but she says she will know soon!!! I thought we did an awesome job and honestly, even though we were up until 10:30pm I loved it! I was finally one of the many parents who needed to do a project!
I really did feel like I was missing out, which made me jealous! I know so many parents who have done projects for/with their children and so many who have gone as far as to do their homework, I never did! Like I said, we have always helped with homework, but it is always "traditional" homework! I really enjoyed my time with Ya's doing our project and she responded very well and it really was her own, I just reread the book to her and made sure everything made sense and tried to hurry her along, because bedtime was already missed by too much! It really was fun, but I don't want to make a habit of it! Once in a while is fun,but too much of a good thing can be detrimental to some one's health, mine or otherwise or both!
Turns out I am not-so-much jealous!

Sunday, May 4, 2008

Aunt Peach

Just this past week Aunt Peach passed away. This is my husband's aunt and I took her as my Aunt immediately, she accepted me in the family, just as everyone else did. Right now, I just want to use this blog time to celebrate her life and the way I "saw" Aunt Peach.

I didn't know Aunt Peach's real name, Sharon, for quite some time. Actually, I thought, GG was creative in naming her! I know I sent out the Wedding invitations and one went to someone named Sharon and I recognized the last name, but I still didn't put it together! Peach fit her well! That is her name, that is how everyone recalls her!

Aunt Peach would always meet you with a smile and a hug. She usually had a cigarette in one hand and a drink, sometimes beer, sometimes pop in the other, but it didn't stop her from giving me a great hug!

She was an amazing woman that has made an impact on so many lives including mine! She was always hospitable! No matter, when I showed up at her home, with hubby, without hubby, with children or without children I never felt as though I was imposing, but always welcome! She honestly loved! Peach didn't "conform" she lived life her own way, she loved her own way and she was a friend, a sister, an aunt, a daughter, a grandma or b-mom and mom her own way! I admire that in her, she didn't do what others thought she should, she did as her heart lead! Amazing, kind, loving, caring, compassionate, tell-it-like-it-is, welcoming, helpful, creative, humble, passionate, I can go on and on and I will! Peach had an accent all her own, not only in her speech but an accent on life all her own! Peach always had something to laugh about and wanted you to laugh with her, she had an awesome laugh and an awesome outlook, she wanted you to laugh out loud along with her, you coudn't help but to laugh with her! Peach's laugh could penetrate even the toughest of hearts! Her laughter was contagious, I think she knew it! Peach loved even to the last minute. I heard GG say, she asked me "did I hurt you, did I hurt anyone?" she wanted to make sure she left her love behind and nothing less and nothing different only her love! What an awesome legacy she left, it was that of LOVE and not just the way you say it, she did it (that is the legacy I want to leave, that of love)! Peach "DID" love, she lived it, and showed it! Not everyone always agreed with her, but all knew they were loved by her. I must say I was truly honored to even have met Peach, but then to be able to say she was Aunt Peach, I wouldn't have missed it for the world!
My heart hurts because I didn't get my chance to tell her all of this. At the same point, my heart is at peace, because I know she knew, she accepted me as I was and loved me for me, the same as she did for everyone! Not everyone understood her, but all her family knew they were loved, honestly, by her! To be loved honestly is better than just to be loved! Aunt Peach taught me that! I love you Aunt Peachy and I miss you, I am so sorry I didn't make it to see you in the recent past, but I am so honored to have just met you and even more honored to have been able to love you and be HONESTLY LOVED by You!

Aunt Peach will be honestly missed, I hope we all learn to "HONESTLY LOVE"!
As Aunt Peach did!
Aunt Peach is and was an honest blessing! Thank you Lord for bringing her in my life, and Lord help me through this, help our family through this!

Thursday, May 1, 2008

Happy Birthday Windy!

I love her unbelievably!
Yaya is amazing! She is loving, kind, sweet, compassionate, smart, inquisitive, loving, a conqueror, adorable, beautiful, fashionable, easy-going, peaceful, huggable, gorgeous, diligent, gentle, caring, goal seeking, mommy's girl, daddy's girl, an excellent granddaughter, funny, intelligent, shall I keep going? She is a good friend and loyal, I think you get it! She is all-in-all AMAZING!
She is double digits today, the big 10!
I love her dearly. Windy is named after my sister Windy!
Just a little note here, make sure you truly love and enjoy the person, you name your child after, they pick up on their attributes, if they meet their name-sake or not!
Windy, Gracie, Yaya, Katie, The Girl, Ya's all the names she has and all fit her well!
Ya's is one amazing young girl. She is going to be an amazing woman before too long!
Windy, sets goals and reaches them. Gracie isn't afraid to give hugs and kisses, no matter where you are.
Gracie, loves to watch scary movies and going to bed doesn't even shake her! Bring on the storms, cause Ya's is going to bed and nobody and nothing will stop her!
Yaya, is the best friend to go to Vegas with. She go-go-goes! She really doesn't need much sleep, unless she can get it, if there is something better than sleep going on wake her up and she is rarin to go, if not leave her be! Either way she is aokay!
Katie works hard at school, she is very diligent in her school work. Katie may not be a strait A student, but she works hard, works very hard, for every grade she receives!
The Girl is her daddies girl! She gives her daddy amazing respect and seeks his approval more than all! The relationship that Windy and Daddy share is amazing!
Windy has many names, but, all the nick-names only equal Windy! One amazing young lady!
Windy has brought so much to my life. She has taught me: How to love, LOVE out loud, how to live more and try harder! She is absolutely amazing. If you have ever had the opportunity to meet her, your life has been changed!
God has put so much into her and she continues to ask for more and uses all He gives her! Windy is amazing!
And now Windy is 10, ten, TEn, TEN! Wow!
Thank you Lord for Windy, for the teachings she shares with others! Windy is amazing. Thank you God, for pouring, overflowing, into Windy's life! We ask that you continue to pour into her! Windy is not afraid to use it, Windy is amazing! Windy is unstoppable!
Happy Birthday Yaya! I love you!