This is just an outlet for me, to be able to get my thoughts out! I am a Woman, Wife and Mommy that also works outside the home! Just me trying to make it all work for the best for my family and myself! Just my journey!

Sunday, November 30, 2008

I am so tired of talking about GRADES...

Responsibility and grades go hand and hand, right? Then, why do I have a young man who would help and do and go out of his way for anyone and just doesn't turn in all his homework and doesn't make great grades! I really don't get it.
What I do get is that he really is a Good Boy! A nice Young Man! He is Mature for his age, for the most part, he has a kind loving heart and will help out anyone, he takes on friends of all kinds! His personality truly amazes me.
Thanksgiving for me was a working holiday, but my family got to celebrate with extended family, of which, I enjoyed the fruits of the labor, by way of microwave and a loving husband (and a MIL who brought the food to the house after hubby forgot it)! Thank you so much!
Friday we enjoyed a short trip to my Mom's for a more intimate Thanksgiving! Just us and my mom and we share dinner with her often (she usually makes it)! Anyway, I had to work midnights so it was quick and to the point, but not without meaning, we should have taken pictures!
Picture this: Mitchell, the youngest, walked into the front door of my mom's sniffing and asking "when do we eat".
The reply was real soon, Mitchell began to help set the table and soon Windy and Adam joined in (they really hadn't eaten yet, they were waiting for their mommy to wake up, so they could go to Nana's and eat).
It was a beautiful dinner, Mitchell was ready to pray over the meal and did so without even being told! Love it!
Before dinner was over, I heard from somewhere, "How soon for Pie?" This was the question for the next 15 minutes, while the table was cleared and coffee was started!!
Enjoyable late Thanksgiving Dinner!!! Love it! Thanks Mom!
Anyway, today was not so busy, but just as enjoyable! When Mommy (that's me) finally woke up, we were off. Mommy fighting a toothache and saying over and over, you should have just taken the kids and left me at home!
We stopped briefly, without Adam, to look for a "real" Christmas Tree, we found a couple, but it was more fun to take pictures of us looking. We decided to get a real tree without Adam would be wrong, so we left. On to meet Adam at Grandma and Papaw's!
Where I took these amazing pictures:
I really do enjoy watching the kids and hubby relax and just enjoy! That is how I remember Thanksgiving: Just Enjoy!!!

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I am thankful for God's Love, For my Family and friends and I could go on and on...I have and enjoy so much that I am thanful for!!!!
Share something you are thankful for....

Monday, November 24, 2008

More of a Journal Entry

Mitchey came down this morning dressed for school and ready to cuddle up for a moment. He loves to cuddle with anyone, with Windy and Adam and even mom and dad. I asked him if he was ready for school and he was so for 15 minutes I got to hold my baby boy. I love that he loves being cuddled, I wonder if Adam would let me cuddle him. Bet, it depends on what happens in school that day.
I have a vivid memory of friends, they were all siblings, and they knew they could sit on mom's lap, no matter what their age and she would cuddle them and rock them and totally listen, I want to be that mom!
Monday last week was tough! Started out great and when I went to pick-up a "sick" Adam from school, my mom instinct told me he wasn't sick! I grilled him and explained lying (once again) to him and told him why, him and I need to be able to trust each other and in order to do that, he nnnnnnnneeeeeeeeeds to tell me the truth always, even about brushing teeth. After a few, lots'o, minutes of the grilling, on the way home in the car, he said "mom, I am not sick, I did not throw up!" I stopped the car and turned to listen. A teacher, a substitute is humiliating him and a few other students. Boy, my mom instincts kicked in HIGH GEAR, I turned the car around and marched in to talk to SOMEBODY, I didn't care who! We, Adam and I, walked back to the Guidance counselor's office and began to explain, what has been going on for quite some time. I explained, that I knew Adam is not making the best of grades, but this is unbelievable, and I am not going to stand for it. The Guidance Counselor (Good at her job) looked at me, in the eyes and stated "this is going to stop"! She then took up a conversation with Adam and they, Adam and the GC worked it out together, and then also began to work out what they, together would do about his grades! I walked out of that office, relieved and refreshed! Adam not only, received the help that he needed with a teacher, but also the accountability he needs for his grades and his homework! I felt empowered at that moment as a mom. I also felt, that Adam now trusted me more as his mom, that he knows now, not all battles are his alone, sometimes telling Mom helps!
Windy works so hard at everything she does, EVERYTHING! She works at school, being accepted by adults and her peers, she tries tries and tries! Last week, I watched her climb on top of Major (the horse she is taking riding lessons on) all by herself, no help and no ladder, pulled herself up and planted herself up there! She began to ride and question what she was doing, when the rooster and hen got loose! This turned into a game of chase them back to my brothers and without thinking she did it! No questioning what or how she would do it, she sat up straight and tall and just did it! I watched in AWE, this is my baby girl and she is doing it, without trying so hard! YES!
I absolutely still adore my Hubby! Yes, he still does a ton wrong, but he does so much right! Is it really possible to still be head over heels after almost 15 years of marriage? Maybe I am just sappy!
Note to self: I love love love all of my positions, but the one that I most love is the one where I am part of this family, as a wife and mom. Chrissy, I think your a little crazy, sappy and hormonal today, but enjoy it anyway!!

Monday, November 17, 2008

Hunting Season....

Saturday night, Larry was playing cards with some friends and letting loose a little, boy's night out (or in). As I was leaving to go to work, sadly, I drove through our back yard and about four deer, all does were curiously looking at my headlights, they started to move and I drove toward them more! Then I headed to work, but not without asking the deer to kindly sleep in the backyard and wait patiently until morning until our friend could be there, for hunting! One deer patiently waited and when I returned home from work, they were loading the one deer in the back of the truck, sounds like a ton of sausage and venison chili this year!!!!
Funny thing, every time we see deer, all of us, Larry and the kids and myself, we all act like it is the first time! Maybe one day I'll actually take pictures!
I am so thrilled that Larry was able to enjoy an evening with his friends, get in a little cards, a little food, and it sounds like he had some fun too!
I have noticed that I enjoy entertaining in my home, even if I can't be there! Silly, strange, isn't it? Who enjoys entertaining, when they aren't apart of it? Guess that would be me. I'll clean, cook and say hello and good-bye and leave with that feeling of yes, I am apart of that!
Silly, isn't it!

Wednesday, November 12, 2008


I have been in a training class for a few days, ooooooooohhhhhhh how nice it has been to work days, I feel like a human!!!! Anyway, the training I have received has me excited and looking forward to CHANGE and more efficiency on our service track. I am a little apprehensive about the "roll out" and how it will be received, but if executed properly and with every supervisor on board, it can be an amazing change. My boss asked me to help with this process, (and have I told you I love to learn and take classes and training?) I happily accepted the opportunity, looking forward to good change! I so hope this really works and I hope it is taken as a positive and not as "personal attacks" on anyone, I have been doing the same thing as the other supervisors and I do realize the need for change! Change is hard for everyone, but I am excited! Pray this goes well!

Grades are coming up, given the tools and the opportunities the kids are meeting expectations, Maybe Adam won't be grounded for a full 9 weeks, but the grounding is obviously working! Thank God! I was a little concerned he wouldn't care, but it seems he does! I received an email from one teacher noting the changes in Adam, since the beginning of the year, for the better! My heart jumped when I read it! She really noticed, he is getting it and he is trying, this makes me so happy!
Windy has grasped the idea of allowing us to help her study, just a little, and has noticed change already! In spelling, the most challenging subject for her, Windy received a 101% today, she doesn't need to retake it on Friday, one 5 min. session of studying with us and there she is! Yes, I love it when affirmation takes place! She is getting it too!
Horse lessons went great, for all three kids, Windy went for the lesson and the Boys went to watch, all were happy, learned something, left cold and ready to sleep! That is an AWESOME lesson!
Continue to pray for my FIL, he is doing well, dialysis has proved to be a bit of a challenge and both my FIL and MIL are learning how to do this and how to do it well, in order to enjoy life to it's fullest, to be able to take in all of God's Blessings each and every day. It is definitely a learning process and a change, and did I mention: Change is Hard and Change is Good!

Monday, November 10, 2008

Being With the Girls

I love the time away, when I get to act like a girl. Not a mom, wife, employee, supervisor, just act like one of the "Girls".

I got to do that last night, and when we are able to make all of our schedules work, or at least some of our schedules work, it is just fun! I like that I get to go out and be a little silly, Laugh out Loud, LOUDLY, tell funny stories, hear even funnier stories and just let my guard down! I enjoy that time, I love, love love all my rolls as Wife, Mom, Supervisor, Employee, Woman, I enjoy every one of them! Once in a while it is just so much fun to be a "GIRL"!

Thank God, there aren't any pictures and we actually set up the next "girls night" and it sounds like it might even happen!

Once in a while, isn't it just sooo much fun to let loose?!!

Sunday, November 9, 2008 CRAZY

Adam is grounded, for grades, I sure hope this discipline works, I hope he gets the meaning. I know he is getting bored and it seems he is taking interest in his classes, something different from mom saying "I looked on edline today and.........." you may or may not know the drill, but I am sure you understand. I want to be understanding and give him the benefit of the doubt, but at some point, I just have to be MOM and say: "enough is enough"!!! YUK! I hate this part, I love that part of holding them responsible and teaching responsibility, but, I hate, HATE that they just don't get it from the start. OH YEA, I am a parent, because children need parents! Everything comes to Adam so easy, he forgets to turn in the other stuff! It kills me, he gets it, he understands it, he will succeed in life, he just needs to look at the DETAILS, just once in a while!!!

Windy started horse riding lessons and she looks so confident while doing it! I love watching my children's eyes light up because they are trying so hard to do something they love, because they "get it" not because they know it from the start, but because they get it and want to try hard at it! Her grades are good at school, she is trying so hard at school and her teacher even sees how hard she tries, Windy will accomplish anything that comes in front of her in life because she has that "go-get-it" attitude, she reminds me of her namesake! Windy, Yaya, is amazing!!!

Mitchell, his teacher called him "an old man in a young boys body" I laughed, and then it made me sad. He gets school, he is very detail oriented, he is very sensitive. He never misses a detail, but sometimes, he does miss out on the "bigger picture" he is so funny. Mitchell has always been able to make us laugh and he still likes to cuddle up with us (so does Yaya) but sometimes he so set on the details that he misses something bigger. His grades in school are great, he is a very good boy and to discipline all we have to do is raise our voice and he "gets it" but I hope he doesn't miss out on the bigger picture!

Each one of my children bring something different to my table of life, and I wouldn't be complete without them. One thing I concern, pray, focus, look at is: How am I completing their table of life, what am I bringing to it and also, Am I bringing enough?

Monday, November 3, 2008

Dress up

It was fun again this year. I love it. I love the dress-up, the pretend, the parade at school, the party at school, the night time of running door-to-door and saying hello, the community, the chatter, the oh how cute costumes on little ones, I just love the fun and yes I even love the candy, every piece I check I love. It is just plain fun!!!
I just wish I would have taken more pictures! As you can see Mama (me) dresses the same every year. The kids pick new costumes every year, except Yaya, she went with last years costume!
We visited both old and new neighbors, hung out with family and laughed a ton! Now that is a good day!!!!!!!!