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Monday, November 17, 2008

Hunting Season....

Saturday night, Larry was playing cards with some friends and letting loose a little, boy's night out (or in). As I was leaving to go to work, sadly, I drove through our back yard and about four deer, all does were curiously looking at my headlights, they started to move and I drove toward them more! Then I headed to work, but not without asking the deer to kindly sleep in the backyard and wait patiently until morning until our friend could be there, for hunting! One deer patiently waited and when I returned home from work, they were loading the one deer in the back of the truck, sounds like a ton of sausage and venison chili this year!!!!
Funny thing, every time we see deer, all of us, Larry and the kids and myself, we all act like it is the first time! Maybe one day I'll actually take pictures!
I am so thrilled that Larry was able to enjoy an evening with his friends, get in a little cards, a little food, and it sounds like he had some fun too!
I have noticed that I enjoy entertaining in my home, even if I can't be there! Silly, strange, isn't it? Who enjoys entertaining, when they aren't apart of it? Guess that would be me. I'll clean, cook and say hello and good-bye and leave with that feeling of yes, I am apart of that!
Silly, isn't it!


  1. Glad you got a deer. Love, Grandmother.

  2. Where we live we see deer all the time and it's the same reaction.