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Sunday, November 30, 2008

I am so tired of talking about GRADES...

Responsibility and grades go hand and hand, right? Then, why do I have a young man who would help and do and go out of his way for anyone and just doesn't turn in all his homework and doesn't make great grades! I really don't get it.
What I do get is that he really is a Good Boy! A nice Young Man! He is Mature for his age, for the most part, he has a kind loving heart and will help out anyone, he takes on friends of all kinds! His personality truly amazes me.
Thanksgiving for me was a working holiday, but my family got to celebrate with extended family, of which, I enjoyed the fruits of the labor, by way of microwave and a loving husband (and a MIL who brought the food to the house after hubby forgot it)! Thank you so much!
Friday we enjoyed a short trip to my Mom's for a more intimate Thanksgiving! Just us and my mom and we share dinner with her often (she usually makes it)! Anyway, I had to work midnights so it was quick and to the point, but not without meaning, we should have taken pictures!
Picture this: Mitchell, the youngest, walked into the front door of my mom's sniffing and asking "when do we eat".
The reply was real soon, Mitchell began to help set the table and soon Windy and Adam joined in (they really hadn't eaten yet, they were waiting for their mommy to wake up, so they could go to Nana's and eat).
It was a beautiful dinner, Mitchell was ready to pray over the meal and did so without even being told! Love it!
Before dinner was over, I heard from somewhere, "How soon for Pie?" This was the question for the next 15 minutes, while the table was cleared and coffee was started!!
Enjoyable late Thanksgiving Dinner!!! Love it! Thanks Mom!
Anyway, today was not so busy, but just as enjoyable! When Mommy (that's me) finally woke up, we were off. Mommy fighting a toothache and saying over and over, you should have just taken the kids and left me at home!
We stopped briefly, without Adam, to look for a "real" Christmas Tree, we found a couple, but it was more fun to take pictures of us looking. We decided to get a real tree without Adam would be wrong, so we left. On to meet Adam at Grandma and Papaw's!
Where I took these amazing pictures:
I really do enjoy watching the kids and hubby relax and just enjoy! That is how I remember Thanksgiving: Just Enjoy!!!

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