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Monday, November 24, 2008

More of a Journal Entry

Mitchey came down this morning dressed for school and ready to cuddle up for a moment. He loves to cuddle with anyone, with Windy and Adam and even mom and dad. I asked him if he was ready for school and he was so for 15 minutes I got to hold my baby boy. I love that he loves being cuddled, I wonder if Adam would let me cuddle him. Bet, it depends on what happens in school that day.
I have a vivid memory of friends, they were all siblings, and they knew they could sit on mom's lap, no matter what their age and she would cuddle them and rock them and totally listen, I want to be that mom!
Monday last week was tough! Started out great and when I went to pick-up a "sick" Adam from school, my mom instinct told me he wasn't sick! I grilled him and explained lying (once again) to him and told him why, him and I need to be able to trust each other and in order to do that, he nnnnnnnneeeeeeeeeds to tell me the truth always, even about brushing teeth. After a few, lots'o, minutes of the grilling, on the way home in the car, he said "mom, I am not sick, I did not throw up!" I stopped the car and turned to listen. A teacher, a substitute is humiliating him and a few other students. Boy, my mom instincts kicked in HIGH GEAR, I turned the car around and marched in to talk to SOMEBODY, I didn't care who! We, Adam and I, walked back to the Guidance counselor's office and began to explain, what has been going on for quite some time. I explained, that I knew Adam is not making the best of grades, but this is unbelievable, and I am not going to stand for it. The Guidance Counselor (Good at her job) looked at me, in the eyes and stated "this is going to stop"! She then took up a conversation with Adam and they, Adam and the GC worked it out together, and then also began to work out what they, together would do about his grades! I walked out of that office, relieved and refreshed! Adam not only, received the help that he needed with a teacher, but also the accountability he needs for his grades and his homework! I felt empowered at that moment as a mom. I also felt, that Adam now trusted me more as his mom, that he knows now, not all battles are his alone, sometimes telling Mom helps!
Windy works so hard at everything she does, EVERYTHING! She works at school, being accepted by adults and her peers, she tries tries and tries! Last week, I watched her climb on top of Major (the horse she is taking riding lessons on) all by herself, no help and no ladder, pulled herself up and planted herself up there! She began to ride and question what she was doing, when the rooster and hen got loose! This turned into a game of chase them back to my brothers and without thinking she did it! No questioning what or how she would do it, she sat up straight and tall and just did it! I watched in AWE, this is my baby girl and she is doing it, without trying so hard! YES!
I absolutely still adore my Hubby! Yes, he still does a ton wrong, but he does so much right! Is it really possible to still be head over heels after almost 15 years of marriage? Maybe I am just sappy!
Note to self: I love love love all of my positions, but the one that I most love is the one where I am part of this family, as a wife and mom. Chrissy, I think your a little crazy, sappy and hormonal today, but enjoy it anyway!!


  1. Chrissy -- My mother always said, "Teachers are human. If they know that a parent is involved and interested, the teacher will just naturally be more interested too." I have found that to be true of teachers AND administrators. Good work showing the school AND Adam that you care enough to get involved.

  2. I think you handled that so well! Letting him come home and 'hide' wouldn't have solved the problem, even though it would have been much easier. Poor guy...
    Great job, Mom!