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Sunday, November 9, 2008 CRAZY

Adam is grounded, for grades, I sure hope this discipline works, I hope he gets the meaning. I know he is getting bored and it seems he is taking interest in his classes, something different from mom saying "I looked on edline today and.........." you may or may not know the drill, but I am sure you understand. I want to be understanding and give him the benefit of the doubt, but at some point, I just have to be MOM and say: "enough is enough"!!! YUK! I hate this part, I love that part of holding them responsible and teaching responsibility, but, I hate, HATE that they just don't get it from the start. OH YEA, I am a parent, because children need parents! Everything comes to Adam so easy, he forgets to turn in the other stuff! It kills me, he gets it, he understands it, he will succeed in life, he just needs to look at the DETAILS, just once in a while!!!

Windy started horse riding lessons and she looks so confident while doing it! I love watching my children's eyes light up because they are trying so hard to do something they love, because they "get it" not because they know it from the start, but because they get it and want to try hard at it! Her grades are good at school, she is trying so hard at school and her teacher even sees how hard she tries, Windy will accomplish anything that comes in front of her in life because she has that "go-get-it" attitude, she reminds me of her namesake! Windy, Yaya, is amazing!!!

Mitchell, his teacher called him "an old man in a young boys body" I laughed, and then it made me sad. He gets school, he is very detail oriented, he is very sensitive. He never misses a detail, but sometimes, he does miss out on the "bigger picture" he is so funny. Mitchell has always been able to make us laugh and he still likes to cuddle up with us (so does Yaya) but sometimes he so set on the details that he misses something bigger. His grades in school are great, he is a very good boy and to discipline all we have to do is raise our voice and he "gets it" but I hope he doesn't miss out on the bigger picture!

Each one of my children bring something different to my table of life, and I wouldn't be complete without them. One thing I concern, pray, focus, look at is: How am I completing their table of life, what am I bringing to it and also, Am I bringing enough?

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  1. We have had some tough lessons around here lately too. Although ours have more to do with attitudes than with grades. I'm so thankful that they started off this first grading quarter with only one B, and all the rest A's. I'm praying it continues on in this manner through the whole school year.