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Saturday, April 16, 2011

Label Me a Positive Outcome of Surving or Just Plain a Success

the word "SURVIVOR" pisses me off!!
Surviving is good..don't get me wrong!!  Surviving anything is quite amazing!
But there comes a point when you no-longer want to be known as a "survivor" you want to be known as a positive outcome of surviving!!
Does that make sense?
I want to be a success of surviving!
I have survived many of things...but I have succeeded in being a positive outcome of surviving sexual abuse, molestation!!  Incest,,  call it what you want, it's all gross and all nasty!
It just angers me to hear the words "survivor" and then it just stops!!  SURVIVOR, really??  that's it, that's where it ends???  Ummm, I don't think sooooooo!!!!
To me, survival means, making it through!  Surviving!
That's not the PROMISE I received!
My PROMISE, THE one I received, says "success"!
God doesn't tell me when the ultimate success comes, but let me tell you, just SURVIVING isn't enough!!
YES, at the beginning, SURVIVING IS ENOUGH!  
At the beginning of being abused, realizing the abuse or facing the abuse, SURVIVING is enough!
But there comes a point, when you no longer see yourself as a "survivor" and don't want to be labeled a 'survivor" any longer!
There comes a point when you want to labeled as a 'success' at surviving!
If you're one of the few that have never been abused, this may confuse you.  But if you are a survivor of any kind of abuse, I believe, you 'get' where I'm coming from!
I no longer want to be known as a survivor
HavE YOU WATCHED THE SHOW SURVIVOR???  Those people survive through there time on the show! Much as a survivor of sexual abuse!!  During the abuse and the facing the abuse, we merelly survive!
I'm no longer OK with the label as 'survivor'!
so when you introduce me to someone or you bring me to a meeting to speak or you think of me,
PLEASE, allow me to be labeled 'a positive outcome to surviving sexual abuse"!
 I need that, I need to be success of surviving!  NOT JUST A SURVIVOR!!

Saturday, April 9, 2011


Some advice for having work done in your house!!
  Hopefully a way to get it back sooner, from a woman that has been without for 4+ months!!

If you can use one, USE ONE!!

I can tell you, our contractor has already requested to go with one contractor on his own home (fire issue)!!  Uh-hummm, he learned from me, THANK GOD!!!

If I could have learned this from someone before me, I would've been thankful!!

It's different when your contracting to "build" your own home, from when you are repairing your own home!!
For some reason, everyone thinks you'll be ok, NO MATTER how long it's been, that you have been without!  Because, your not out of a home, they honestly figure your ok!!

Lettme tell you.......being without a kitchen for over 4 MONTHS is INSANE!!!!!!!!!  TOTALLY INSANE!!

We have remodelled a kitchen and we were without it for just under 3 months and that was CRAZY INSANE, BUT THIS IS WORSE!!
Having a family, having one person, in a home without a kitchen is CRAZY!  Then you add in the time.....then you add in the missed bed times, the missed dinners, the half-assed washed dishes, the NO KITCHEN thing and it's totally INSANE!!
Think about purchasing a home without a wouldn't even do it!!!  Because it's STUPID!!

I was so close to having my house back, including my kitchen!!  But STUPID me decided we needed a dishwasher to match!! 
God has blessed my family every step of the way, from the moment I heard "MOM, FIRE"!
  My entire family walked out fine and was able to grab clothes and able to grab different shoes and NONE of my photos were ruined beyond recognition!  Now some of them were burned and my heart is heavy and will never be the same, none the less, GOD has blessed us every step of the way!

Nason's, however has messed us up!!  Maybe they've saved me money!!  But they messed us up!!  I paid cash for my appliances.......and I didn't make Nason's wait for my insurance....I'll wait for my insurance!! WRONG, WRONG, WRONG......wait for your insurance!!  Let them pay what they would've and make the appliance company wait for your insurance!!!  Order early and make them wait!!  I ordered early and paid......should've made them wait for the insurance to pay......then we would have received all 4 appliances at the same time and they would have been installed by the SAME , only ONE Contractor, I hired in the beginning!!
]Needless to say, I am going to get my money back for my dishwasher tomorrow and at that time I will also fight the "installation" charge........I guess installation and delivery are the same thing these days!!  Because this Nason's just dropped and I paid for installation and guess who did the installation???
OH YEA, your right............ME the HOMEOWNER!!