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Saturday, April 16, 2011

Label Me a Positive Outcome of Surving or Just Plain a Success

the word "SURVIVOR" pisses me off!!
Surviving is good..don't get me wrong!!  Surviving anything is quite amazing!
But there comes a point when you no-longer want to be known as a "survivor" you want to be known as a positive outcome of surviving!!
Does that make sense?
I want to be a success of surviving!
I have survived many of things...but I have succeeded in being a positive outcome of surviving sexual abuse, molestation!!  Incest,,  call it what you want, it's all gross and all nasty!
It just angers me to hear the words "survivor" and then it just stops!!  SURVIVOR, really??  that's it, that's where it ends???  Ummm, I don't think sooooooo!!!!
To me, survival means, making it through!  Surviving!
That's not the PROMISE I received!
My PROMISE, THE one I received, says "success"!
God doesn't tell me when the ultimate success comes, but let me tell you, just SURVIVING isn't enough!!
YES, at the beginning, SURVIVING IS ENOUGH!  
At the beginning of being abused, realizing the abuse or facing the abuse, SURVIVING is enough!
But there comes a point, when you no longer see yourself as a "survivor" and don't want to be labeled a 'survivor" any longer!
There comes a point when you want to labeled as a 'success' at surviving!
If you're one of the few that have never been abused, this may confuse you.  But if you are a survivor of any kind of abuse, I believe, you 'get' where I'm coming from!
I no longer want to be known as a survivor
HavE YOU WATCHED THE SHOW SURVIVOR???  Those people survive through there time on the show! Much as a survivor of sexual abuse!!  During the abuse and the facing the abuse, we merelly survive!
I'm no longer OK with the label as 'survivor'!
so when you introduce me to someone or you bring me to a meeting to speak or you think of me,
PLEASE, allow me to be labeled 'a positive outcome to surviving sexual abuse"!
 I need that, I need to be success of surviving!  NOT JUST A SURVIVOR!!

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  1. I agree with you. And I like to say I am NOT responsible and will not live like I am.

    For some reason the term "survivor" makes my stomach churn?? Maybe for how easily it is thrown around?