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Tuesday, May 10, 2011


I haven't blogged lately, on account of, the stuff, on my mind, I can't share!
I mean I could share, but my kiddos are getting older and that means there's less I can share!
But the victories are so much sweeter and they let me share those!
When I started blogging, my kiddos had no clue and didn't even know what a blog was!  Since 2007 they have learned and been through quite a bit!
Not all of it is pretty and fairy tale like!
There isn't always a rainbow involved!
Rest assured, there is always a lesson involved!!!  A BEAUTIFUL, HEARTFELT, lesson!!  I love sharing lessons!
And I will, as soon as my kiddos can read it and approve it, or make changes to it and then approve it, I will share it!
Their hearts are still beautiful, their love is still amazing!

But they still need guidance and I'm finding, as they get older, they need more guidance and they are less than willing to accept it right away!
Oh how I miss the two year old that kept me a 'not so pretty, hot-sweaty mess' all the time!
My 'not so pretty, hot-sweaty mess' is now kept on the inside and sometimes, I wish someone could see it and other times I'm thankful that no one can!
I know we will make it through this stuff and I know we will ALL be better for it!
But right now, I wish I was that 'not so pretty, hot-sweaty mess' Mom, of a two year old again!  It wasn't so bad!!

But you know, I love how God is working in them and inside their hearts!  I love the who they are turning out to be!  I love their hearts!
You know, the cool thing is, their hearts', are ALWAYS, in the right place!
Unfortunately, it doesn't always match the action!
I WISH it were easy, but I'm thankful for the path we are on!

It's not always easy, BUT it's RIGHT!


  1. You're right it's not easy!

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