This is just an outlet for me, to be able to get my thoughts out! I am a Woman, Wife and Mommy that also works outside the home! Just me trying to make it all work for the best for my family and myself! Just my journey!

Thursday, April 29, 2010

ADD or Just Adult?

My head is spinning like a top. So many things going on, I'm just not sure where to start..........
So, I sit down and drink a cup of coffee.
I start a projec or to clean, then I'm distracted, by something else that needs done. I start the something else, the phone rings! I chat and continue with whatever project was near the phone I picked up. I head outside for some fresh air, still chatting on the phone (mental note, I have started and not finished 3 things), I start to sweep the porch, my phone conversation ends, I head inside to put the phone back on the charger and check the clock!
It's time to leave for work!!!!!! 4 projects started and not one completed! I didn't even talk about the laundry that gets washed/dried and folded all while the rest is going on.
I head out the door to work, stopping to turn around and see that I have completed a thing, I've been busy and I can see things have been started, still nothing complete.

On my drive to work, I think of more projects that need to be done and onnnn goes the list!

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Where's Your Wedding Ring.............

Where's my wedding ring?
are you stinking serious?
I can't wear my wedding ring to work!! Uh-hum, don't I "act married"?
I know you have heard about my children and I know you know my husband by name, even though you haven't EVER met him!
That being said, I know I don't need to explain myself!
I know I am safe in my marriage and with my sharing to my partner!
My marriage and my relationship with my husband may not make any sense to anyone else! My marriage and my relationship with my husband is beautiful and right! right for us, not right for you or your friends, right for us!!!!!!!
We do argue,fuss and fight with each other
We even curse at one another from time-to-time, OK a lil more than a lil!
I stopped trying to make sense of it for others, many years ago
We began making sense of our relationship together a loooong time ago!
I started not caring what you thought a looooong time ago!
I know my marriage doesn't suit you!
My marriage suits me just fine!
So because I'm female and "follow the rules" and I don't wear my wedding ring to doesn't make me any less committed to him! I follow the rules, just like the men at my work! I have never asked them, "why don't you wear your wedding ring" or "where's your ring"!
For those that have asked, here is my ring:

I'm thankful, I'm never asked if I am married! That says, I do portrait the image that I AM married!
STOP ASKING!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Some Songs Trigger My Memory

Every time I hear this song:

I picture this kid:

Singing along in the truck, with his Dad! That lil voice
"oh where oh where can my baby be" awww!
It was so darn cute!

Hard to believe this is the same kid!

Thursday, April 22, 2010

He Makes Me Laugh

We finally got out on a date!
There is so much to talk about and we don't know where to start!
Yes, we talk everyday about the kids and work! We talk about what the kids need to do and where they should be right now!
We talk about babysitters and schedules for the kids!
Sometimes, we even talk about what's going on at work, only if time allows! Our family is first and there are alot of things to take care of, to make sure they are taken care of properly!
We made it past all that stuff and now WE can talk! We can again share dreams, desires, goals, strength and encouragement! Prayers, we can share our prayers!
In our life, right now, there are very few moments we can share any of these, while standing in the same location!
We got to do that! We got to share, goals, desires, strengths, encouragement, prayers, thoughts, frustrations, sadness, anger! We got to share it all face-to-face! It was beautiful, I loved every moment of it!
When we returned home, from our date, I wanted to snap a pic of us on our "date-night"
This is what I got

He just couldn't be serious!

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

It's The Boy

This kids hair is high maintenance!

It's crazy. I thought it would be my daughter who needed the extra time and the extra product. Sooo not how it turned out (so far)!
Mom, I'm out of: mousse, gel, hairspray. I think I hear one of these statements everyday! I used to be on top of the product in our house, we even had back up! Now, I can't keep up.
But he likes it and I like that he likes his hair and is taking time on himself.
Guess, I'll have to buy more product, lots more, when I go out today!

Saturday, April 17, 2010

God is an option, Failure is a choice!

Failure means end-all. Giving up is a choice!
Failure means, I tried and I tried and I tried and God gave up on me, so I give up!
Problem: God doesn't give up!
Giving up, means I tried a little and gave up, it means I chose to give up!
Failure is so the end-all be-all.
I know where God stands on failure, He says that failure is not an option, it is only the opportunity to take it again!!
I have failed in absolutely nothing, God has never given up on me!
I have given-up in many things, I have given up on me, more times than I'd like to admit!
I retake the test in waay more things than I care to talk about!
In many life choices, failure is not an option! In many life-choices, giving-up is an option!
If I failed it means that God has given up! So that means failure isn't an option! It means that giving up is a choice, it's an option, a choice and a reality! If I give up on me I take away God's choice to succeed in me!
Hard words to swallow!
Failure isn't an option, God said so! Giving up is an option, man said so!
I always have a choice!


Make no mistake, this isn't the end!
This is the point where I finally get to schedule my full body massage!!
Back in OCTOBER, I started a new life-style change. One where I would lose weight and not beat up on myself for not following all of the rules, all the time! A journey where, day-by-day, I chose a little better! My journey, so far, has had good and bad choices and lots of reminding myself, not to beat-up on me! Once the beating starts the journey ends, for me! So this journey is faaaaarrrr different from all of my other weight-loss journeys! I feel like this one is serious and on-track, even though, it isn't timely!
Anywho, back to my FULL BODY MASSAGE.....I promised myself that when I lost 20 pounds, I would schedule a massage! I did it, I finally did it! I have been fighting this last three pounds for months. I posted awhile back about sabotaging myself and that post spoke right back to me, day in and day out! I'm so thankful it was placed on my heart to post. That post made a difference, it helped me keep my commitment to myself.
I'm excited and concerned. I've lost 20 pounds, that's an accomplishment, right? I've got more than 20 more to go (I want to see where I am after the next 20 and make my decision then), my personal trainer says a total of 35 pounds lost would be fine, when I went to her, I had a different number in mind, so we settled on 40 pounds and then a reevaluation!
But hey, after my next 20 pounds, I promised myself a get-away, a weekend get-away! I think maybe to visit family or something, but a get-away is something I haven't allowed myself to do, so a get-away for the next 20 pounds.
After My full body massage---------HERE WE GO!!!!!!!!!!!

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Ladies and Gentlemen

I can get my own doors and my own seat! I am capable. I am strong and yes I am a woman!
When I am on a date with my hubby or even just out running, I don't get my own doors or seat or put my jacket on by myself! I am capable, but I chose to be treated like a lady and I like the feeling of femininity!
When I am with my boys, yes even the lil one, they get the doors. I don't ask them to help me with my coat or get my car door or pull out my seat, but they do go ahead and get the doors.
It's a bit different, these days, I guess.
My daughter allows the same, when I remind her! She is perfectly capable of getting her own doors, but when our boys are around, we do not!
It's not that my hubby is "trained" it's respect. If I didn't wait for him and got my own door, he wouldn't be offended but he would wonder what was wrong with me!
This is what is right for me! I am strong and I am capable, I am also strong enough to allow myself to be treated like a lady! I like it, it makes me feel special and shows me I deserve it!
The kids are be taught, what we feel, is the right way. My daughter is not weak or needy, she is strong and she is strong in character and strong in will and also with patience, to allow herself to be treated like a young lady.
This is what's right for us. I like that my boys know how to be gentlemen and that my daughter knows how to be a young lady! I like that they are polite and kind.
By no means, do these acts make anyone in our family weak! I believe it makes us stronger. We are living outside of the "norm" every time these things happen.
Yes, yes, yes, I do have to remind the boys "be a gentleman" and my daughter "allow yourself to be a young lady". It's part of bringing up children, it's like reminding them to do homework or to cover face when the cough! It should be done!
Is it that I have something to prove? No. Quite honestly, as I try to prove myself constantly in what is known as "a man's job" it's nice just to be treated like a lady, by my husband.
We don't "expect" this from other people! It's just what we do!
This makes me feel special and reminds me that I am my hubby's Lady! I like it!
I like that my daughter gets treated like a lady and that the boys act like gentlemen!
I like it that way and I think my hubby does too! I like that my children are respectful and remember to act as such, every time they do, I think they all show their strengths!

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

How Does This Happen

It's funny how this happens sometimes
I asked Mitchy if he wanted to go fly his kite. Of course he wants to go fly his kite. We grab the kite and head outside.
He's flying the kite and chatting and enjoying ourselves.
Then he passes the kite to me.....
I fly the kite for a minute and before I know it suddenly, I'm alone.
Mitchy is done and has headed inside and I am left flying a kite by myself!
How does this happen? We went to go fly the kite for him........
and now I'm flying it alone.
These kids!

Things Have Changed

I'm not done with Easter yet!
Our celebration was fantastic!
We were able to celebrate quietly and peacefully at home for the morning! Enjoying the Easter candy that was in their baskets and flying their kites and even making a dish to take to the family party!

On holidays where someone leaves a gift or two, we have a rule that everyone comes down together! That doesn't mean that I know if someone snuck down early! It means that, so Mommy can take pictures we wait for everyone! This gets more difficult as they get older and the excitement wears off :(
But they do it for my sake and I appreciate it!
The actual getting everyone to come down at the same time this year, was far different than any other year!
First, he waits.....

then she joins him (or I guess, it's they join him)............

then he has to pee and she waits alone

then that big one, who really enjoys his sleep, joins her and waits for the lil one..........

then they are all together...........finally

Now, they can come down!

Finally, we get to play......

It's still fun, it's just different as they get older!

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Report Cards, Again

I watch and hear and read posts about how much everyone loves seeing their children's report cards! All the congratulations all the celebration and all the joy. I do enjoy it and I do celebrate with them! I dread report card time! I HATE IT! My heart aches when report cards come out! I have two children that get great report cards and I have one, we just pray passes! That's all I want is for him to pass! He's a good boy with a fantastic heart and tons of common sense! He's a gentleman and a sweet boy!
I have no complaints about his heart and his general disposition!
We have had a difficult time with school with him. One year ago, he was diagnosed as ADD! This kids is 14, closer to 15, and has just recently been diagnosed! He has spent his school life being disciplined and grounded and hollered at and basically beat up on! All to find out he has ADD and has slipped through the cracks of not only the school but his parents all this time!
I noticed, what I thought was ADD when he was young. I asked the doctor about it and his reply was, he's borderline and you can just treat it with diet and exercise. The kid was home schooled at the time, so it wasn't a big deal. We did spelling tests on the run. We did multiplication tables while doing cartwheels in the front yard and his day of schooling was short, we got it done and moved on! For a couple of years we made it work! Well he went to school and he was ahead, so his grades weren't a problem, his boredom was!
Then everything caught up with him and caught up fast! His Guidance Counselor last year, brought up the ADD! Wow, first time I heard that in awhile! Sure enough, this kid has ADD and the medication turned the school stuff around overnight! Whew!
I thought we were "out of the woods"! Darnedest thing, he grew and grew alot! He goes to the doctor once a year, unless otherwise necessary, turns out he should be going 3 times a year, because of his growth rate! Now, he is suffering in the grades department again!
Good thing is, when I ask his teachers
"is he a discipline problem?"
Their reply is always "no, not at all!"
He asked for a higher dose of medication about 3 months ago and I asked on the phone for a higher dose, but I didn't pursue it and I kinda schlepped him off! I know better than that! I know to listen to him when he's talking about his medication, I know he can "feel" a difference and I know he likes how he feels and performs when he is on the right dose! Stupid Mom, sometimes!!! All I had to do was listen!
Here we are again! Report Cards........yes I watch online........I know what's going on in the grade area.........I don't always know what's going on in his head! Now, I do! Unfortunately, it took a call to the Guidance Counselor to get me thinking strait again. Doctor's appointment Tuesday!
He's not at risk of failing the entire year, but his self-esteem has been placed in question, once again!
My heart aches and I question myself, once again! Why don't I listen!? Why don't I believe him the first time? I think I just want him to be OK all the time and not have this ADD. But he does and I have to accept it and help him with it! It's not just a thing and it's not an excuse! It's real and it's real hard for him, VERY hard, I make it more difficult for him when I don't really hear him!
Report cards are more than just the grades around here!
Note to self: JUST LISTEN, HEAR THEM and BELIEVE THEM! Please!
Prayers, many prayers!

Friday, April 9, 2010

A Beautiful Time

Because I shop in the morning, I see mom's with their lil ones all the time. Sometimes, it makes me thankful to be done with that stage, sometimes it takes me back and sometimes I can't believe we're here!
They are big now and the only time I get them to go to the store with me, during the morning, is if they don't have school and sometimes I don't even get that any more. When they were little, it was crazy going anywhere. Just one wasn't too bad, I could carry him everywhere! I don't think I ever put him down, I think, maybe I would hand him off, but DOWN, NOT! Then we added Ya's and it was more difficult and took more effort! I quickly discovered my Snuggly (a poor example of baby wearing, but it's all I knew), I wore Ya's everywhere, except at home (because I could carry her in my arms)! The grocery store was the best place, to wear her! Adam loved to ride! He loved being in a stroller or a grocery cart or whatever as long as he was riding! But then, crazy-as-we-are we added the Lil'one and WOWEEE did the going places change completely again! Suddenly, I didn't have enough hands for all of them!
By the time we added the Lil'one, Ya's was running and non-stop, Adam was still happy to ride! If I had Internet back then I would have found out about this great, proper, baby wearing and it would have been perfect for me!
I did everything one handed! I carried a kid in one hand and worked with the other and sometimes worked with the hand holding the kid!
I can honestly say that all of them were held all day long until, at least, the age of 3!! By me! It's what they wanted (I did too and loved that they wanted) and I was capable! Sometimes I would just carry two! As I am remembering things, I can remember carrying all THREE out of church, more than a couple of times (OH MY GOODNESS, Please if you ever see a person struggling to carry more than one child out of somewhere and you have a free hand, HELP!) crazy as it sounds, I did it!
I can remember all the comments about spoiling them by holding them too much! Truth is, I spoiled myself! I miss that always carrying someone!
I sooo don't miss the hot-sweaty mess I always was back then!
I miss it, I miss the kids being young, OHHH I WON'T go back either! I really enjoyed it, most days! And I won't give back any one of those days of holding and carrying my babies and I'm not ready to go back there either, but the time I spent doing it was beautiful!
Watching those Mama's in the stores take me back to a beautiful place, I don't want to go back to!

Thursday, April 8, 2010

More Than I've Told Anyone................

I really don't tell everything. I'm actually pretty private, as far as my family goes. I know that last statement is hard to believe....after all, I do post to my blog daily. I pick and choose what I post and if I'm upset or angry, alot of times I won't blog on that, I'll pick something positive, it helps me to stay positive, you know, refocus! I may post on it after everything is said and done and it is a positive. If I'm mad at Larry, you probably won't read about that here and it's rare that I'll share it with a close friend or family member. Here's my thought process on the whole issue: Chances are, I'm angry for a second and then I put it down on paper and in words (which is just the same or better/worse than saying it out loud) and in a moment I'll be over it or the issue/problem will be solved, my friend and/or family members will still be upset over whatever it was! I guess you could say that we as people, pick up each others offenses. I don't post often about my close family and friends that make me angry because me being offended all by myself is enough and when I'm over it, I want to be over it, I sure in the heck don't want someone else reminding me what I was upset about a minute ago! I know I have posted on the, they didn't do this and they didn't do that or the craziness that happens but it usually has a happy ending or a positive that I took from it. I try try try to keep positive and that means I don't tell all. I think that's a good thing, I don't think everyone needs to know EVERYTHING and especially other family members or good friends. I think sometimes, if I do happen to tell something, it ends up being so negative and goes on and on!

That all being said..........

We have owned our own business for almost 15 years now. That means we have been in debt to the IRS for quite some time. It would have been nice to make those quarterly payments but when your raising a family and money is tight and your praying for the money to make dinner that night or at least the gas money to make it to one of the parents house for dinner for a "visit" (I NEED FOOD) and then some conversation, those quarterly payments DO NOT get sent out. We did a great job of keeping our expenses documented, which helped with the deductions and the amount we owed, some years we even got a return (on paper) and that went to repay our debt. Don't get me wrong, our business was successful and I was able to stay at home for 12 years, while my husband and I worked our business.
Anyway, all the years of owing money to the IRS means that they want their money and they want to know why they aren't getting it. Oh, and on the years where you file an extension, the IRS decides how much you made and how much you should owe (based on other taxpayers sending in the information on time)and the amount they figure is ALOT, really really ALOT.
Always owing money to the IRS means you have to deal with them, quite a bit! I have dealt with the IRS alot and let me tell you, my bad experiences are far and few between. They are people just like you and I! They don't want you to pay any more than your supposed to and they want to help. Oh yea, they are human and they don't like it when you start to cry! I have dealt with both men and woman in the IRS and on the phone and in person, I have dealt with them at their office and at my home (more than a couple of times)! I have dealt with the State Department of Revenue and the IRS! Honestly, most times it has been a positive experience.
Well, I finally don't owe them any money!
But as much as I don't tell you, sometimes I keep things from the ones I love to protect them. My husband just learned a couple of months ago, what "really" happened. No one will ever really know everything, except me, and that's the way I want it!
I remember one time, I was going to file with one of those tax-relief companies and I went to the office to talk to them about "how much we owe" and the woman, that worked for the IRS, actually pleaded with me not to do that! She said to me "if I could only count how many times people have filed and paid and nothing changed for the better, only worse". She continued "it's up to you, but I haven't seen any of those work, I have had so many people saying, they took my money and now I can't get in touch with them at all!" With those statements, I held back. I am so thankful I held back.
I had a few more visits to the office and from the office. The last visit, from my IRS friend, proved to be the kicker, the IRS agent took my paperwork, even waited for it and filed it himself! I was able to check on it the next day and everything was in order!
Anyway, here I am, I have my taxes complete and I still want to file an extension. The IRS owes me money!!! I don't even owe past taxes this year! It's my money coming back to me!
My experience with the IRS has been stressful, but not usually negative. I know some people have very negative stories and I have a few, but as many visits as I have had, a few is lil to nothing!
Quite honestly, all of my run-ins with the IRS and IDR have been positive and helpful. I always felt like these were real people I was dealing with and they were on my side!
I'll still wait until April 15th to file!
(I almost wrote pay)

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Where is the Stress Coming From??

Going on week 3 of changing the kids rooms! I'm not really discouraged or worried about getting them done, I JUST WANT THEM DONE! Painting is done and they are sleeping in their rooms!
The boys are sleeping on mattresses on the floor, because I just haven't found their bed or bedding yet, not to mention I'm still painting one their dressers!
OH yea, the little one's dresser is still in the old room, ahem, Ya's room and that produces a fight daily. I'm not really sure why though, the lil one is dressed and out before Ya's even thinks of waking up and if she's awake or in there, he is NOT dressing in there!! I think Ya's just likes her room. I know Adam and the lil one, even though their mattresses are on the floor, are enjoying their room.
Everyone seems much happier, except for the waiting for the completion!
So we continue with our progress, be-it slow progress, it is still progress, moving forward. I just can't wait to have them done and be able to stand back and breath! I keep thinking that if I weren't working it wouldn't take this long, but honestly, I think it would take this long! There's so much to do.
How many times do you paint a dresser before you trash it? I think it's like a million! Paint paint paint and then strip it and stain it and start with the paint again. If it's a good working piece of furniture you just keep making it work, right?
Add in a few other things going on and wallah, you have where the stress is coming from! Truth be known, stress really doesn't have an origin these days, it's just always there!
This is our progress so far, don't mind the mess I tried to miss most of it!!

Monday, April 5, 2010

Not Posting This Evening.......

Most days, I'm this!

Today I am This:


Everyone has been here and doesn't want to go back
For some reason, everyone always goes back!!

Sunday, April 4, 2010


The title of the post says so much, except that I know I won't/can't fail. It doesn't mean that I succeed everyday, but today, I fail.
Nights like last night and mornings like today, I'm not so good at. Sure, I did a decent job at work yesterday and YES the kids baskets were filled and put out! Oh yes, I went to the family Easter celebration and I even took food to share, I was happy to be there and enjoyed the celebration.
But in between these moments I had to look around in my house at what wasn't done! Believe me there is ALOT NOT done! It stresses me out! I get mean and angry when that happens! As long as I'm not looking at it or not trying to take care of it all, I'm fine! But, it's still there and all the things not completed are waiting and I have to walk back into it! OH THE STRESS!
We head out to fly kites and it's a good time and we all enjoy it, my heart is in it, my mind is back on the NOT done stuff!
On our journey home from our gathering, I am handing out orders in the car! This has to be done, as soon as we get home! The orders go out, everyone complies, but there's still so much to be done!
We have done as much as we are going to do this evening.
The kids go there way and hubby heads his way and I head to the computer..........and all I can think about is what didn't get completed today. My mind and heart should still be celebrating Easter and the fun we had with family today, I know where my heart and mind should be and every so-often I go there and smile!
But there's still so much not done!

I want a retake later this week!

Happy Easter

Happy Easter!!
I'm so excited for Easter! It's supposed to be warm and sunny and I get to join in on the celebration with the family!
I'm taking a break before I start to put together the kiddos Easter baskets. I don't buy them much, a few pieces of candy and this year a kite! I love kites and it should be just right, in our backyard for kite-flying. We usually do a small egg-hunt on Easter Morning for the kids, not this year. I have stuffed 267 eggs for the family gathering and another family member has stuffed at least another 80! The egg-hunt will wait until the afternoon with the rest of the family.
We colored eggs today and talked a bit about Easter and it's meaning.
Dad even got involved, but he brought his own dipper this year, a wrench! The kids loved it, I think they'll remember this year of coloring eggs pretty well.

Most of the time, I enjoy hearing what their thoughts are on a subject and today was that kind of day, hearing their ideas and their thoughts puts a smile on my face!

I don't really "talk-up" the Easter Bunny, but I don't "talk-it-down" either.
My youngest asked me if I believed in the Easter Bunny today, I answered that typical mom answer "do you believe in the Easter Bunny?" End of conversation.

I love watching the kids come down the stairs to see what their baskets have in them, I can't wait to see it tomorrow. I know it won't always be this exciting for them, I am thankful that Adam and Windy continue to play the part for Mitchell. Not sure how much longer we have left of the pure excitement of seeing what's in the Easter Basket!!
Happy Easter All!! Celebrate Christ and enjoy what's in your basket!

Saturday, April 3, 2010


I chatted, I painted and then I dressed for work and left! It is a holiday and everyone else in my family is OFF! I am so jealous and I kept confusing today for Saturday, thinking today was my last day for the week (sadly it is not)!
As I left I gave kisses and hugs and told them all I'd see them tomorrow. As I left, I kept looking in my rear-view mirror, more than usual. I guess, I thought I was going to see what they were doing, both inside/outside the house. They weren't there so, I sped of to work and became aggravated with all the construction that seems to be on every main-thru from Indiana to Chicago! Didn't anyone tell these people it's a holiday? Anyway, the sitting in traffic gave me time to think.
I thought about what I would bring for the Easter Celebration at GG's home, of course, I'm bringing the deviled eggs! Right now, I have the most children, so I get to do that! Ohhh that coconut cake I make is really yummy, add that to the list. Oh ya, I have the most kids, I'll bring the Easter egg hunt too!
After that my mind started to wander
One of my thoughts, as I waited in traffic, was about a nickname, I was given about 22 years ago.
I was given this name because I was kicking a podium, with a microphone, over and over and over! The noise was coming through the microphone and we had to take a break, because I had no idea I was making that much noise and that I was that nervous/angry!
I was testifying in court and seated not to far from me was a serial killer! Ya, I was more than angry!
Any-whoo, I'm pretty sure the that officers, who gave me the nickname, if we run into each other today, will call me Thumper before they said my actual name! The officers are a good part of this memory. The nick-name Thumper is a good one!

Friday, April 2, 2010


I still haven't found that camera!
I'm pretty impressed with myself today. I have been working on a website and enjoying it! I think I am doing a pretty good job, for someone with NO SKILLS and someone who has NEVER done it before! It's for my 20 year reunion for high school. We haven't had any reunions up to this, so the excitement is building. My memory, tends to be different from so many others, but I thought we were a "tight" class and we were also very accepting of the "other" classes! I went to a small high school, so I thought locating all my classmates would be not-to-bad! WRONG!! We have located about half, now all I want to do is find the other half. When I am searching, I find myself unsure about people, Was this person in our class or a different one! You would think, with a class of 187, it would be a cinch. Problem: We were all close to every other class around us, so differentiating is tough!
I am having fun with most of the connections and most of the planning. Some days it really wears on me, but most days it's very very good. I have many good memories from high school ( NOT THAT I EVER WANT TO GO BACK). I created many lasting friendships and many friendships that changed my life and acquaintances that I can't wait to meet up with again. I'm sure I have a couple I could do without ever seeing again, like anyone else, but that number, if any is very small. There weren't many that had a cross-word to speak and there weren't many, that I could remember, that set-out to hurt people!

High school was both fun and trying for me, heart-lifting and heart-breaking for me and it was filled with great times that have proved to be awesome memories.
I can't wait to get this 20 year reunion going on, but I really can't wait to locate all of my classmates, this job is proving to be tough!
I'll keep searching, both for my classmates and my camera

Thursday, April 1, 2010


I can't find my camera, I found the SD card (ahem, yes my sweet cousin it is still my very cute 512mb SD card), but no camera! How does that happen, SERIOUSLY!
Easter is fast approaching and a camera is necessary, coloring Easter eggs, getting baskets, belly aches from too many jelly beans (ohhhh my fav) and too much chocolate! I need pictures of all of this!
Easter is my FAVORITE holiday! HONESTLY IT IS!
FYI- the family pics I most love to post are from past Easters! I think that happens because, I am really enjoying my family on this day each year and if Mama's smilin' the fam is smilin', capeche?!
No, we don't get all dressed up, even if we are going to church. We wear everyday normal, loungy type clothes! Even if we are headed out the door to church on Easter Sunday, we wear not-so-dressed-up clothing, except Larbo the man dresses properly for everything! Oh ya, NO BONNETS either, not even for Larbo (whew, thank you very much)! That's why I hit the 6am outside services, I've seen others there in their PJS (I can handle that)! Of course the rest of the fam stays sleeping (for those sunrise services), it really is better that way. Easter Sunday is crazy inside the churches.
Why is it my favorite holiday?
First, the obvious reason, Jesus rose from the DEAD, he rolled the rock away! This in itself is more than enough! This is better than any other celebration throughout the year, the biggest, most awesome victory was won and not for Himself, but for us! WHEW! That's enough for me!
Then you add to it, SPRING. I love spring, it represents new life. Yes, we may have snow on Easter (many years we do) but you can still see the "new life" popping through the snow or the grass (tulips don't care)! This is just a bonus to Easter, if you ask me.
Then, you add my memories of my sis talking about how much she loved Easter and why.
Now, my heart just overflows!
Please, I need to find my camera!