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Thursday, April 22, 2010

He Makes Me Laugh

We finally got out on a date!
There is so much to talk about and we don't know where to start!
Yes, we talk everyday about the kids and work! We talk about what the kids need to do and where they should be right now!
We talk about babysitters and schedules for the kids!
Sometimes, we even talk about what's going on at work, only if time allows! Our family is first and there are alot of things to take care of, to make sure they are taken care of properly!
We made it past all that stuff and now WE can talk! We can again share dreams, desires, goals, strength and encouragement! Prayers, we can share our prayers!
In our life, right now, there are very few moments we can share any of these, while standing in the same location!
We got to do that! We got to share, goals, desires, strengths, encouragement, prayers, thoughts, frustrations, sadness, anger! We got to share it all face-to-face! It was beautiful, I loved every moment of it!
When we returned home, from our date, I wanted to snap a pic of us on our "date-night"
This is what I got

He just couldn't be serious!

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