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Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Where is the Stress Coming From??

Going on week 3 of changing the kids rooms! I'm not really discouraged or worried about getting them done, I JUST WANT THEM DONE! Painting is done and they are sleeping in their rooms!
The boys are sleeping on mattresses on the floor, because I just haven't found their bed or bedding yet, not to mention I'm still painting one their dressers!
OH yea, the little one's dresser is still in the old room, ahem, Ya's room and that produces a fight daily. I'm not really sure why though, the lil one is dressed and out before Ya's even thinks of waking up and if she's awake or in there, he is NOT dressing in there!! I think Ya's just likes her room. I know Adam and the lil one, even though their mattresses are on the floor, are enjoying their room.
Everyone seems much happier, except for the waiting for the completion!
So we continue with our progress, be-it slow progress, it is still progress, moving forward. I just can't wait to have them done and be able to stand back and breath! I keep thinking that if I weren't working it wouldn't take this long, but honestly, I think it would take this long! There's so much to do.
How many times do you paint a dresser before you trash it? I think it's like a million! Paint paint paint and then strip it and stain it and start with the paint again. If it's a good working piece of furniture you just keep making it work, right?
Add in a few other things going on and wallah, you have where the stress is coming from! Truth be known, stress really doesn't have an origin these days, it's just always there!
This is our progress so far, don't mind the mess I tried to miss most of it!!

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  1. I LOVE the orange and blue together! You always amazed me with your ability to change things. You were always painting and improving. Me, I've grown to be more like Phil. Do it once, and you're stuck with it forever...or until you move ;)