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Friday, April 9, 2010

A Beautiful Time

Because I shop in the morning, I see mom's with their lil ones all the time. Sometimes, it makes me thankful to be done with that stage, sometimes it takes me back and sometimes I can't believe we're here!
They are big now and the only time I get them to go to the store with me, during the morning, is if they don't have school and sometimes I don't even get that any more. When they were little, it was crazy going anywhere. Just one wasn't too bad, I could carry him everywhere! I don't think I ever put him down, I think, maybe I would hand him off, but DOWN, NOT! Then we added Ya's and it was more difficult and took more effort! I quickly discovered my Snuggly (a poor example of baby wearing, but it's all I knew), I wore Ya's everywhere, except at home (because I could carry her in my arms)! The grocery store was the best place, to wear her! Adam loved to ride! He loved being in a stroller or a grocery cart or whatever as long as he was riding! But then, crazy-as-we-are we added the Lil'one and WOWEEE did the going places change completely again! Suddenly, I didn't have enough hands for all of them!
By the time we added the Lil'one, Ya's was running and non-stop, Adam was still happy to ride! If I had Internet back then I would have found out about this great, proper, baby wearing and it would have been perfect for me!
I did everything one handed! I carried a kid in one hand and worked with the other and sometimes worked with the hand holding the kid!
I can honestly say that all of them were held all day long until, at least, the age of 3!! By me! It's what they wanted (I did too and loved that they wanted) and I was capable! Sometimes I would just carry two! As I am remembering things, I can remember carrying all THREE out of church, more than a couple of times (OH MY GOODNESS, Please if you ever see a person struggling to carry more than one child out of somewhere and you have a free hand, HELP!) crazy as it sounds, I did it!
I can remember all the comments about spoiling them by holding them too much! Truth is, I spoiled myself! I miss that always carrying someone!
I sooo don't miss the hot-sweaty mess I always was back then!
I miss it, I miss the kids being young, OHHH I WON'T go back either! I really enjoyed it, most days! And I won't give back any one of those days of holding and carrying my babies and I'm not ready to go back there either, but the time I spent doing it was beautiful!
Watching those Mama's in the stores take me back to a beautiful place, I don't want to go back to!


  1. Love this post Chrissy. Very well said!

  2. I miss those days too! I got to spend lots of time with my friends' babies in PA. Oh my did my heart good! Now I'm home and there are no babies to snuggle and hold. I'm definitely going through withdraw.