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Thursday, April 1, 2010


I can't find my camera, I found the SD card (ahem, yes my sweet cousin it is still my very cute 512mb SD card), but no camera! How does that happen, SERIOUSLY!
Easter is fast approaching and a camera is necessary, coloring Easter eggs, getting baskets, belly aches from too many jelly beans (ohhhh my fav) and too much chocolate! I need pictures of all of this!
Easter is my FAVORITE holiday! HONESTLY IT IS!
FYI- the family pics I most love to post are from past Easters! I think that happens because, I am really enjoying my family on this day each year and if Mama's smilin' the fam is smilin', capeche?!
No, we don't get all dressed up, even if we are going to church. We wear everyday normal, loungy type clothes! Even if we are headed out the door to church on Easter Sunday, we wear not-so-dressed-up clothing, except Larbo the man dresses properly for everything! Oh ya, NO BONNETS either, not even for Larbo (whew, thank you very much)! That's why I hit the 6am outside services, I've seen others there in their PJS (I can handle that)! Of course the rest of the fam stays sleeping (for those sunrise services), it really is better that way. Easter Sunday is crazy inside the churches.
Why is it my favorite holiday?
First, the obvious reason, Jesus rose from the DEAD, he rolled the rock away! This in itself is more than enough! This is better than any other celebration throughout the year, the biggest, most awesome victory was won and not for Himself, but for us! WHEW! That's enough for me!
Then you add to it, SPRING. I love spring, it represents new life. Yes, we may have snow on Easter (many years we do) but you can still see the "new life" popping through the snow or the grass (tulips don't care)! This is just a bonus to Easter, if you ask me.
Then, you add my memories of my sis talking about how much she loved Easter and why.
Now, my heart just overflows!
Please, I need to find my camera!

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  1. We're really no fun around here. When the kids got a little older, we quit doing baskets and coloring eggs. I hope you find your camera! Have a very happy Easter. I'm looking forward to spending Easter Sunday with Barb at her church in PA. Not sure whether I want to dress up (because I NEVER get a chance to) or not bother and play the 'we're from out of town' card. I guess we'll see how the packing goes tomorrow. I have TONS of laundry to get done so we CAN pack.