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Sunday, April 4, 2010

Happy Easter

Happy Easter!!
I'm so excited for Easter! It's supposed to be warm and sunny and I get to join in on the celebration with the family!
I'm taking a break before I start to put together the kiddos Easter baskets. I don't buy them much, a few pieces of candy and this year a kite! I love kites and it should be just right, in our backyard for kite-flying. We usually do a small egg-hunt on Easter Morning for the kids, not this year. I have stuffed 267 eggs for the family gathering and another family member has stuffed at least another 80! The egg-hunt will wait until the afternoon with the rest of the family.
We colored eggs today and talked a bit about Easter and it's meaning.
Dad even got involved, but he brought his own dipper this year, a wrench! The kids loved it, I think they'll remember this year of coloring eggs pretty well.

Most of the time, I enjoy hearing what their thoughts are on a subject and today was that kind of day, hearing their ideas and their thoughts puts a smile on my face!

I don't really "talk-up" the Easter Bunny, but I don't "talk-it-down" either.
My youngest asked me if I believed in the Easter Bunny today, I answered that typical mom answer "do you believe in the Easter Bunny?" End of conversation.

I love watching the kids come down the stairs to see what their baskets have in them, I can't wait to see it tomorrow. I know it won't always be this exciting for them, I am thankful that Adam and Windy continue to play the part for Mitchell. Not sure how much longer we have left of the pure excitement of seeing what's in the Easter Basket!!
Happy Easter All!! Celebrate Christ and enjoy what's in your basket!

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  1. I really enjoy Easter too! Its like Christmas but without all the material interference! Happy Eater to You and Your Beautiful family!!