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Sunday, April 4, 2010


The title of the post says so much, except that I know I won't/can't fail. It doesn't mean that I succeed everyday, but today, I fail.
Nights like last night and mornings like today, I'm not so good at. Sure, I did a decent job at work yesterday and YES the kids baskets were filled and put out! Oh yes, I went to the family Easter celebration and I even took food to share, I was happy to be there and enjoyed the celebration.
But in between these moments I had to look around in my house at what wasn't done! Believe me there is ALOT NOT done! It stresses me out! I get mean and angry when that happens! As long as I'm not looking at it or not trying to take care of it all, I'm fine! But, it's still there and all the things not completed are waiting and I have to walk back into it! OH THE STRESS!
We head out to fly kites and it's a good time and we all enjoy it, my heart is in it, my mind is back on the NOT done stuff!
On our journey home from our gathering, I am handing out orders in the car! This has to be done, as soon as we get home! The orders go out, everyone complies, but there's still so much to be done!
We have done as much as we are going to do this evening.
The kids go there way and hubby heads his way and I head to the computer..........and all I can think about is what didn't get completed today. My mind and heart should still be celebrating Easter and the fun we had with family today, I know where my heart and mind should be and every so-often I go there and smile!
But there's still so much not done!

I want a retake later this week!

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