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Thursday, April 8, 2010

More Than I've Told Anyone................

I really don't tell everything. I'm actually pretty private, as far as my family goes. I know that last statement is hard to believe....after all, I do post to my blog daily. I pick and choose what I post and if I'm upset or angry, alot of times I won't blog on that, I'll pick something positive, it helps me to stay positive, you know, refocus! I may post on it after everything is said and done and it is a positive. If I'm mad at Larry, you probably won't read about that here and it's rare that I'll share it with a close friend or family member. Here's my thought process on the whole issue: Chances are, I'm angry for a second and then I put it down on paper and in words (which is just the same or better/worse than saying it out loud) and in a moment I'll be over it or the issue/problem will be solved, my friend and/or family members will still be upset over whatever it was! I guess you could say that we as people, pick up each others offenses. I don't post often about my close family and friends that make me angry because me being offended all by myself is enough and when I'm over it, I want to be over it, I sure in the heck don't want someone else reminding me what I was upset about a minute ago! I know I have posted on the, they didn't do this and they didn't do that or the craziness that happens but it usually has a happy ending or a positive that I took from it. I try try try to keep positive and that means I don't tell all. I think that's a good thing, I don't think everyone needs to know EVERYTHING and especially other family members or good friends. I think sometimes, if I do happen to tell something, it ends up being so negative and goes on and on!

That all being said..........

We have owned our own business for almost 15 years now. That means we have been in debt to the IRS for quite some time. It would have been nice to make those quarterly payments but when your raising a family and money is tight and your praying for the money to make dinner that night or at least the gas money to make it to one of the parents house for dinner for a "visit" (I NEED FOOD) and then some conversation, those quarterly payments DO NOT get sent out. We did a great job of keeping our expenses documented, which helped with the deductions and the amount we owed, some years we even got a return (on paper) and that went to repay our debt. Don't get me wrong, our business was successful and I was able to stay at home for 12 years, while my husband and I worked our business.
Anyway, all the years of owing money to the IRS means that they want their money and they want to know why they aren't getting it. Oh, and on the years where you file an extension, the IRS decides how much you made and how much you should owe (based on other taxpayers sending in the information on time)and the amount they figure is ALOT, really really ALOT.
Always owing money to the IRS means you have to deal with them, quite a bit! I have dealt with the IRS alot and let me tell you, my bad experiences are far and few between. They are people just like you and I! They don't want you to pay any more than your supposed to and they want to help. Oh yea, they are human and they don't like it when you start to cry! I have dealt with both men and woman in the IRS and on the phone and in person, I have dealt with them at their office and at my home (more than a couple of times)! I have dealt with the State Department of Revenue and the IRS! Honestly, most times it has been a positive experience.
Well, I finally don't owe them any money!
But as much as I don't tell you, sometimes I keep things from the ones I love to protect them. My husband just learned a couple of months ago, what "really" happened. No one will ever really know everything, except me, and that's the way I want it!
I remember one time, I was going to file with one of those tax-relief companies and I went to the office to talk to them about "how much we owe" and the woman, that worked for the IRS, actually pleaded with me not to do that! She said to me "if I could only count how many times people have filed and paid and nothing changed for the better, only worse". She continued "it's up to you, but I haven't seen any of those work, I have had so many people saying, they took my money and now I can't get in touch with them at all!" With those statements, I held back. I am so thankful I held back.
I had a few more visits to the office and from the office. The last visit, from my IRS friend, proved to be the kicker, the IRS agent took my paperwork, even waited for it and filed it himself! I was able to check on it the next day and everything was in order!
Anyway, here I am, I have my taxes complete and I still want to file an extension. The IRS owes me money!!! I don't even owe past taxes this year! It's my money coming back to me!
My experience with the IRS has been stressful, but not usually negative. I know some people have very negative stories and I have a few, but as many visits as I have had, a few is lil to nothing!
Quite honestly, all of my run-ins with the IRS and IDR have been positive and helpful. I always felt like these were real people I was dealing with and they were on my side!
I'll still wait until April 15th to file!
(I almost wrote pay)

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  1. Oh girl, this is a sore subject right now cause we have to pay AGAIN this year and what hurts so bad is, we made less the past few years. I am glad things are looking up with you and the IRS. I didn't realize you own your own business.