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Thursday, April 15, 2010

Ladies and Gentlemen

I can get my own doors and my own seat! I am capable. I am strong and yes I am a woman!
When I am on a date with my hubby or even just out running, I don't get my own doors or seat or put my jacket on by myself! I am capable, but I chose to be treated like a lady and I like the feeling of femininity!
When I am with my boys, yes even the lil one, they get the doors. I don't ask them to help me with my coat or get my car door or pull out my seat, but they do go ahead and get the doors.
It's a bit different, these days, I guess.
My daughter allows the same, when I remind her! She is perfectly capable of getting her own doors, but when our boys are around, we do not!
It's not that my hubby is "trained" it's respect. If I didn't wait for him and got my own door, he wouldn't be offended but he would wonder what was wrong with me!
This is what is right for me! I am strong and I am capable, I am also strong enough to allow myself to be treated like a lady! I like it, it makes me feel special and shows me I deserve it!
The kids are be taught, what we feel, is the right way. My daughter is not weak or needy, she is strong and she is strong in character and strong in will and also with patience, to allow herself to be treated like a young lady.
This is what's right for us. I like that my boys know how to be gentlemen and that my daughter knows how to be a young lady! I like that they are polite and kind.
By no means, do these acts make anyone in our family weak! I believe it makes us stronger. We are living outside of the "norm" every time these things happen.
Yes, yes, yes, I do have to remind the boys "be a gentleman" and my daughter "allow yourself to be a young lady". It's part of bringing up children, it's like reminding them to do homework or to cover face when the cough! It should be done!
Is it that I have something to prove? No. Quite honestly, as I try to prove myself constantly in what is known as "a man's job" it's nice just to be treated like a lady, by my husband.
We don't "expect" this from other people! It's just what we do!
This makes me feel special and reminds me that I am my hubby's Lady! I like it!
I like that my daughter gets treated like a lady and that the boys act like gentlemen!
I like it that way and I think my hubby does too! I like that my children are respectful and remember to act as such, every time they do, I think they all show their strengths!

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  1. Great post! Yes, us women can be strong but yet enjoy the men and boys treating us like ladies. It's funny cause it made me think of my grandson, Noah, who at age 9 pulled a chair out for me at a restaurant recently. It's great that you are teaching your kids how to be gentlemen and young ladies. And they learn from watching us adults. I love to take my hubbys arm when we are out walking into a store or where ever. It makes me feel safe and like a lady even though I am a 53 year old mimi...feeling feminine is a good thing but we can also feel strong and independant too...