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Saturday, April 3, 2010


I chatted, I painted and then I dressed for work and left! It is a holiday and everyone else in my family is OFF! I am so jealous and I kept confusing today for Saturday, thinking today was my last day for the week (sadly it is not)!
As I left I gave kisses and hugs and told them all I'd see them tomorrow. As I left, I kept looking in my rear-view mirror, more than usual. I guess, I thought I was going to see what they were doing, both inside/outside the house. They weren't there so, I sped of to work and became aggravated with all the construction that seems to be on every main-thru from Indiana to Chicago! Didn't anyone tell these people it's a holiday? Anyway, the sitting in traffic gave me time to think.
I thought about what I would bring for the Easter Celebration at GG's home, of course, I'm bringing the deviled eggs! Right now, I have the most children, so I get to do that! Ohhh that coconut cake I make is really yummy, add that to the list. Oh ya, I have the most kids, I'll bring the Easter egg hunt too!
After that my mind started to wander
One of my thoughts, as I waited in traffic, was about a nickname, I was given about 22 years ago.
I was given this name because I was kicking a podium, with a microphone, over and over and over! The noise was coming through the microphone and we had to take a break, because I had no idea I was making that much noise and that I was that nervous/angry!
I was testifying in court and seated not to far from me was a serial killer! Ya, I was more than angry!
Any-whoo, I'm pretty sure the that officers, who gave me the nickname, if we run into each other today, will call me Thumper before they said my actual name! The officers are a good part of this memory. The nick-name Thumper is a good one!

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  1. I know that was hard for you to leave your family on their day off. I've done it before and it's not a good feeling but life happens and I enjoyed reading about your trip to work, especially the COCONUT CAKE! My favorite dessert in the whole world besides key lime pie. I love your nickname "Thumper". How you got that name was a unique way. Hope you and your beautiful family have a great celebration at GG's and egg hunt goes smoothly. Hoppy Easter Thumper!