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Tuesday, April 13, 2010

How Does This Happen

It's funny how this happens sometimes
I asked Mitchy if he wanted to go fly his kite. Of course he wants to go fly his kite. We grab the kite and head outside.
He's flying the kite and chatting and enjoying ourselves.
Then he passes the kite to me.....
I fly the kite for a minute and before I know it suddenly, I'm alone.
Mitchy is done and has headed inside and I am left flying a kite by myself!
How does this happen? We went to go fly the kite for him........
and now I'm flying it alone.
These kids!

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  1. You are so good about blogging lately, I can't keep up! I'm trying to get back into an exercise routine and it's sucking ALL the energy out of my free time. So, when does this become FUN?!?