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Wednesday, June 1, 2011

GET To IT!!!

I read this post on FB quite often:
Cousins are the first friends of your life. Cousins are there as childhood friends. No one will ever understand your crazy family like your cousins, even if you don't talk much lately. Re-post this if you have some of the best cousins in the world. I do!
It has always been real and alive for me...I always enjoy my cousins and feel that exact way!  But the reality of my children and their cousins blow me away!!  Nothing ever touches my heart quite like, the moments when I see my children enjoying the beauty of their relationships! 
This weekend I watched each one of my kiddos, as their cousins arrived, each age group held something special for each one of my children!
I watched as each one of them paired up or grouped up, one by one!  They poured into each other's lives laughing and giggling and getting serious from time to time!
I thanked God over and over for putting these kiddos together......
During that time, each time I thanked Him, I realized......I was thankful for the family He had brought me!
And then I looked at myself and my hubby and realized we were doing the exact same thing!
Pairing up...grouping up...cutting up....gaming up....or just plain getting serious!
I'm so thankful for the family reunion every year....but each year I become more aware of how necessary it is........
         For my Kiddos
                                     For my Family
                                                                   For my Hubby
                                                                                                 For Me!