This is just an outlet for me, to be able to get my thoughts out! I am a Woman, Wife and Mommy that also works outside the home! Just me trying to make it all work for the best for my family and myself! Just my journey!

Saturday, July 31, 2010

I'm Ready to Ramble

I sure hope your ready to read it

  • I have always been ready for the opportunity to give back to those who have given so much of themselves for me....but it's never in the capacity I think it will be.....sometimes heartwarming and sometimes heart aching
  • I won't get a day off this stinks...
  • My heart breaks for my co-worker who had to say good-bye to his dad tonight!  I am really going to miss the stories, my co-worker would share with me, about his dad.
  • it is stinking hot this summer...I love it, it's a real summer!  But at work it is just HOT!!  Forget doing my hair and make-up, hair goes in a pony-tail and I don't worry about the bangs and the face.....ha, forget the make-up, it's going to sweat off 15 minutes after arriving at work, why bother!
  • Adam snores.....Like his mommy, unfortunately. (yes, his mommy is me)
  • Ya's looks too much like her namesake right's amazing, beautiful, heart-breaking and a gift!
  • Yes I cried when Ya's got her haircut and her side bangs.  I stayed in the waiting area, mostly, while she had it done and when they called me to see her.......It honestly took my breath away.
  • I like explanation points, ALOT, !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • My 9 year old, the baby, still climbs in bed with me from time-to-time.  It's getting less and less frequent :(
  • I thought we were done with football, I kinda liked being done with football or so I thought!  I'm so excited for Adam to be apart of his freshman football team
  • owning one home is stressful, owning two is super those who own how do you do it!!!!!!!!!!!!  Makes me crazy, the other home gets repairs before this one.
  • Larbo worked 190 hours in two weeks, I have explicitly explained his address to him and I think he knows, now, that his address is our home, NOT WORK!
  • I still smile when I think about the party we had on the 4th of July....makes me sad that I didn't get to visit as much as I wanted, but I was so blessed to see smiling faces everywhere I turned! Kids laughing, parents laughing, grandparents laughing, friends laughing....beautiful, everyone smiling and laughing.....I'm so blessed every time I think about it!  I can't wait until next year!
  • I've been working for the railroad for over 4 years now!
  • I hate the words "your a woman" or "she is a woman"!  I'm tired of it, why can't I just be a person, when you talk about me at work!  
  • I let an opportunity, to apply for a promotion pass me by.....because I am involved in a good change right now, where I am and I want to see it through.
  • I think it's time to shop for new jeans, my pockets are on my hips!!  That's so cool to think about, but I can't believe it's real!  I hear myself say, "OMW, these jeans have stretched again"!  I can't believe, that I can't believe that there is a difference in my size....after all 30 pounds are gone!  I need to lose another 30.....and that's gonna be rough....but I need new jeans for work for now..I can't keep relying on my radio belt to hold them up!  That's a good thing........right???? ugh, the jeans have stretched, I just need to replace them!
  • My cousin and her family are going to visit this summer, I'm excited (I didn't think it would happen)!  I know it's a long drive and it's not easy on any of them, I'm so happy they do it regardless.....I'll cry when they show up and I'll probably cry alot why they are here!
  • It hurts to think that some people just expect me to know........ugh!!  my words "use your words"  I'm not a mind reader and I don't "pick-up" on everything and I don't hear everything, when it's the stuff that is not directed to me!  Sometimes I completely miss it!
  • Just because I don't work as a Chef doesn't mean I am not passionate about cooking!  I'm  more passionate now than ever!  I love when the kids tell me how good something is or when they are engaged in the process!  My youngest was chopping veggies (from their garden) the other night for dinner and he was so proud and so was I!  I STILL LOVE cooking good food, I think I'm more passionate about it now than ever...I think it has to do with that family thing!
  • these kids just grow up too fast and right before my eyes!  I
  • I like this rambling thing...but there's so much more to ramble on about that I have to make a place to stop and this is it!
  • STOP

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Someone Had a Really Good Idea

I had nothing to do with it!  I didn't even know they were planning it, until I was asked,
where can we put it!!
The kids and Papaw and I think, Gramma was involved too, planted a garden.  They started the seeds at Gramma and Papaw's and then brought home these plants and planted a small garden.
The kiddos take pride in the garden, checking on it and watering it everyday!  Sometimes, they ask me to come with them to check it out!  I love it!
They work together!
I'm not really involved 
Papaw and the kiddos have it handled....
The kiddos really do alot of it on their own, now.
So I just, sit back and relax and enjoy!  Both the kiddos and the Veggies! MMMMMM!

I get to see the smiles when they find something ready to pick
I get to watch them work together, toward the same goal
I just reap the benefits!

Papaw and Gramma had a really good idea!!

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Battle of the Heart......

it's trying 
it's amazing
it's heartbreaking 
it's heartwarming!
I can't wait to see the next step
I can't wait to see them in the next stage
I can't wait to see them grow 
I can't wait to see them mature and grow and handle life!
I miss cuddling them as babies
I miss the way they used to attempt to try something new, without concern!
I miss them needing me all the time
I miss handling their problems for them
I love that I get to be their mom and that they 
are growing up and becoming who they need to become, I love they still let me love on them, I love that they still try new things, I love that they can problem solve and that they don't need me for every little thing!
....I love that they have an understanding of the difference of "being somebody" and "being the person God created them to be!"  
I love being apart of their lives.......

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

I Call It

a few weeks ago, the laptop finally just wasn't enough!  I enjoy being able to sit on the couch and be on the Internet....I get to watch a movie and surf the net at the same time, kinda cool!  But it just wasn't cutting it any more!  I gave in and purchased a new the direction of a friend and much thought and tons of question and answer sessions....we went with a MAC.
I'm so thrilled with this thing......
So are the kiddos and the hubby.....
It's working out pretty good, the support is awesome and it's fast (any new computer would have been fast) and we like fast!!
It took two minutes to set-up and the kiddos were surfing the net......ahem, right after my session!!
I heard my youngest saying "wow, this is cool", then he hollered to me "Mom, Mom, this thing is fast"!  Well obviously he is thrilled! 
Ever since the date of purchase and set-up,
every morning....EVERY MORNING, I hear the youngest coming down the stairs, he doesn't even have his glasses on or the sleep out of his eyes, I'm not even sure if his eyes are even open yet!  I think he is still trying to wake up......
He says, loudly:
(hmmmmm, maybe we have a problem!!)

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Only at the Job

I'm excited
someone started a new position tonite
even though I wasn't a huge part of it
I'm still excited
and nervous
I'll sleep with my phone
I'll hope for the best
I'll pray ALOT
I'll probably call and check on him
he'll probably be annoyed by me, but he'll answer his phone anyway
he will do a fine job
I'm not the only one standing by my phone
it's so exciting to be apart of someone headed toward a goal
it's nerve racking......and crazy
I love it!
I love seeing people and being apart of them move toward their goal
I'm excited
I'm apart of it, only a little!  I'm still apart and my phone is on and on loud (I never do that)
I'm ready and waiting.....
but mostly, I don't think I'll hear from him tonite!
I do think I will read an email about his successes this evening, tomorrow! 
I'm excited
I'm blessed to get to be apart of a new beginning for someone.....even if it's only at the job!!!

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Love Lives Here..........

I walked into ......
the kids did their chores but didn't complete them
I found, they tell me it's done on the phone and when I get home.......
and walla      NOT's so easy to say it's done, when there's no followup (immediately)!
I got upset, angry and aggravated
I then said, forget it and I'll do it myself
and then I realized, I was letting them "off the hook"
No Way Jose!!!!!
Get on it, get it done, do your part, make things happen, make your house a home, c'mon everyone pitches in and there's no argument about wanna argue?  Good I'll add more
I'm frustrated, aggravated and disappointed in myself.....I wonder why I can't get a better hold on my kids, I get mad at myself for not catching the not done so-well, on the phone
I realize, I was on the phone
I'm aggravated, angry, mad and disappointed, all with myself
Then I remember,
A home I watched, hung out at, felt at home at, wanted to have for myself, enjoyed for myself,
while I was a young.
She was a young mom with kiddos, a few of them and she got it right..she made others feel at home, her home was always moving and working and it was more about the people than it was the clean!!!!
I remember feeling at home in that home!
a place of
LOVE LIVES HERE, Please come in..........
I feel like I'm doing something right, I feel like we are moving toward the place I see..
unfortunately, for my hubby, it isn't a place of immaculate keep it cleanness, it isn't a place where a clean freak with tons of energy lives (I wish I had tons of energy), and it SURELY isn't a place of spotlessness!!!!!
maybe one day I'll find that for him...(I'll keep trying)
It is a place of:
always working toward a goal
always trying to move in the right direction
It is a place of:
Trying to keep up
Trying to promote the positive
making people feel welcome (even if it means moving a pile of clean folded clothes off the couch, so they can sit)
It is a place of:
Everyone pitching in and everyone helping
But mostly,
It's a place of
That's my goal, that's the life I've been chasing.......That's the feeling I want to produce.... That's how I wanna ROLL!!
I found it so long ago and I'm amazed that it took me this long to realize what I was looking for:
My Home to say:

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Happy Birthday

To my Dad!!!
His heart is golden and his love is sweet!  I love you Dad!!!!

My cousin joined us.....I was so happy and so was Dad!!

Let's take a picture Dad

Stop chewing and let's take a pic Dad!  Man, he does enjoy food........good food!!
One more time PLEASE stop chewing and smile (ahem like you like me)!   I'll take it water spots and all!!!

We don't get many pics together Dad, this is ok!  Now, you can go back to eating.......Enjoy your Birthday dinner!!

Hey Dad, Let me get one of you and the kiddos before we leave............
Looks pretty good, 
Let me take one more

I'll tak'em both.........
You have to know that Aunt Polly was trying to get them to "give up" their to-go boxes, right before this pic!  Made me laugh, they didn't wanna give them up!  Even the kiddos enjoy good food!
I had to STOP the oldest from ordering lobster!  What have I done!!
Happy Birthday DAD!!!!!  Enjoy your day today and make it alllllllllll about you!  
I love you DAD!!!

Monday, July 19, 2010

I Love My Team

Team Witt came through again!
We had a ton to accomplish, owning a home requires everyone to pitch in!  Owning two homes requires everyone to carry part of the load! 
We had all those things you have to get done in a rest day, X's 2! 
From one home to the other and school before all that!
My big boy has made an excellent choice of getting his 2 credits of gym out of the way before he starts his freshman year!  It was an excellent choice on his part.  This does require me to get up early and give him a ride to school (no bus service)!
My kids are required to help and I don't find a problem with that.  They are required to help in every way with keeping up with these houses, after all, it benefits them too!
I don't ask my children to pitch in, I require it and it is expected!  I think it helps to produce "go-getter" attitude for life!  so far so good!
I don't usually get complaints from them to me and today was no different!  They didn't complain to me, they pitched in and got the tasks completed.  They did however, complain to one another!
At one moment, I finally told my oldest "have you met my two bitchy old women in the back seat"?  He laughed and the other two joined in the laughter and the complaining stopped for a minute and we were able to complete another task and the laughter lasted an extra moment!
Then back to getting stuff done, all the while they complained at each other!  But as long as their mouths were moving their bodies were moving and stuff was getting done!
Taping, tarping, cleaning, cutting, carrying, redoing and resupplying!  It was a day of accomplishments!
Not without trial and not without a few failures
But mostly full of success!
I have a pretty good team and they seem to be a good bunch of go-getter's!  Maybe, we did somethings right!  I'll keep praying, believing, training and disciplining!
I will take my small victory for today and enjoy the moment where...........................
Team Witt comes through again!
still another reason to be thankful....I love it!

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Find 2 lose 1, Find 1 Lose 2.........

When the kiddos were little, I remember the line
"I find two and lose 1 and then I find 1 and lose 2"
This is the line I have used ever since I have had 3 kiddos!!!!
I'm finding, that as they get older, the scenario is the same!
I get two at home and one needs to be picked up, but in the process I pick up one and drop off two!
I pick up two and drop off 1!
I never have more than two at home at the same time!
I miss them, I like them, ahem, I LOVE THEM!!!
They need lots and lots of direction!
I find that I discipline and correct, far more than I laugh, play and joke with them.
I'm doing something right!  Right?
I hope and I want to do it ALL right!
The pick-up and the drop-off prove to be a great place to chat with my kiddos!  It's a place to  get in touch with them, I use it, enjoy it, I take the time to train, I use it for discipline and I use it for REAL heart-to-heart truth talk!
I'm one that believes I need to listen to my kiddos, I really need to hear them, whether I like it or not!  They need to trust me, so that they can always tell me the truth.......good or bad, right or wrong!
Most days, when I get the "I lost two and found 1" thingy going on, I find, I'm hearing straight truth from that 1.  I don't always like what that one is telling me and I don't always agree......depending on the kiddo, is how I handle each of these!
I am finding as they get older, UGH! They need way more listening and understanding...........and the discipline needs to be more and more strict!  They are closer to being on their own than on me and I need to insure they are prepared!
My words come back to me and I thought I would not be saying this by still stands..................
I find 2, I lose 1, I find 1, I lose 2!!!

Celebrate the Losses of 2009 in 2010.....I'm Not Sure I'm Ready For This Step

as I prepare myself for a memorial tomorrow, for friend that passed away in 2009, my heart immediately starts to ache.
Not for pretend and not my imagination, a real live ache, it hurts and of course it makes me cry! 
There were so many people that passed in 2009 that had my heart!  Each one had a direct effect on my life and are part of the person I am today.  Considering the fact that, I like who I am today and I know where I was headed a long long time heart aches more!
I could have easily chose a path for my life that would have ended early in complete failure....but because I have so many loving people in my life, the easy road was NOT a choice!
Memorial part:
Each of the people, I lost in 2009, had an amazing impact on my life.....I can remember specific conversations, moments and looks from each one of them, that honestly, made the difference...for me!
Each person I lost, made a difference for me, for the positive!
I can never just remain on the positive!  My mind always goes back to what I have lost, what I am missing and what has been stolen from me!
Pretty selfish, you are saying by now.......yep your right, totally selfish!  This post is very selfish and completely about me........heck this whole blog is about yep, this is a selfish part of my life. The truth is, as selfish as I am, I know there are others that are going through the same junk and can I post!
I prepare for tomorrow, you do realize memorials are supposed to celebrate the life of the person you are remembering!  I pray for tomorrow!  I ask God to help me not to cry and I know I will cry and I will be thankful for the release.  I prepare for tomorrow and it continues to bring up the losses of losses, my lost moments of opportunity to see each one of them, one more time, my worry, my job, my time, my fear...all got in my way of the "one more moment" with each one of them. 
As my heart continues to ache, I hear "words of wisdom" and it just makes me mad and hurt....later, I realize, I am blocking the love I have been looking for!
There's a void in my heart.....a huge VOID.......where each one of these people filled and I am blocking it!
2009 took alot of very loving, kind, caring, life changing, hold my heart people from me....
Still I know who is in charge and at the end of each prayer I pray (for myself and others) where I end it in:  I DON'T KNOW WHY AND I DON'T KNOW THE BECAUSE AND THE HOW COME.........but (BUT should be big) I am on-board and I do believe and I know who holds the future!
Somewhere, either during, after, much later or before, I get the same answer.....
and the answer tells me that I am blocking the fill for the void I feel in my heart! 
I hear/feel that I am being told that.....the love that was once shared between myself and each one of these individuals, is right where it has always been, in my heart and that I am the one blocking it from continuing in my life.....
I prepare for tomorrow, a day in 2010, for a life that ended in 2009 and I'm not sure I am ready to leave the loss in 2009.
Celebrate the Losses of 2009 in 2010.....I'm not sure I'm ready for this step......
it hurts, really really hurts, my heart aches.
I'm the one blocking the love that was shared and I'm the one that is creating the void.....I need to allow myself to continue to enjoy these relationships and enjoy where each one has brought me and is taking myself and my family to.....I hold the key to fill the void
I prepare for the memorial tomorrow by planning for the future and remembering, sharing and giving credit for the past!

Friday, July 16, 2010

Take the Good..........Take the Bad

I hit a pothole the other day and this is what it produced:

Tons of repairs
     a cracked and bent rim 
               insurance involvement 
                       traction control issues 
                              ABS issues  
                                   no speedometer  
                                        no odometer  
                                              I'm waiting to find out the rest from the repair shop!
                                                    (ugh, I really don't want to know)

The good news:
WE are all FINE

bad news:
   we worried Grandma, 
               I was late to work (alot late), 
                       it made me grouchy and sick at the same time 
                              guys at work ALL had something to say 
                                     (which made me more angry and sick and grouchy)
More good news is 
                          the kiddos learned how to change a tire, on the side of the road.....
  warning:  inserting my opinion here
I think every driver should know how to change a flat tire and it should be a part of the driving test!!!

A lil more good news:
                   I didn't have to work my full shift that night!!

More good news.......
                I get to drive this sporty looking Jetta for a few days

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Adding On.....

Please don't turn my blog in for being hacked~It is me and this is true!
Meet our newest addition to our family:
Zuni Was headed back to the shelter, within 1 hour of him joining our familyHe was angry, uncomfortable, unsociable and just plain mean (I mean he was scared)!   
He was everything and every reason I am not a lover of the cats!
The kids were excited and I had to go to he wouldn't be returned that day!
I quickly FB'd the shelter and told them I thought we traumatized Zuni and he probably needed to come back.  She asked me to give it a little more time, like a week.  OMW, a week, of this cat scowling and hissing and scratching us!  I'm not sure if we can last that long but we can at least do the weekend!  The shelter went on to explain that this cat knows nothing but it's crate and will take time to get used to roaming and then the two BIG dogs may take a lil longer!
Thankfully, by the time I got home from work, the first night, Zuni was well on his way to making our home his, big dogs and all!  I received a phone call from Ya's saying "daddy was holding Zuni when we got home and Zuni was even purring"!
There went that plan of returning Zuni to the shelter.  Zuni has made his place in our home.  
  I'm not sure how much "mousing" this cat will actually do, now that he has settled into his place, in Ya's room!  
What was I thinking?
we are now cat owners.......keep it quiet!


I am blessed, impressed, pleased, disappointed and angered by my kiddos, daily!  I go from "oh wow" to "oh WOW, are you serious?" Daily.
I can be totally belly laughing and then immediately stern face disciplining (faster than a heartbeat)
It really does get to me! 
I love that we  get to celebrate moments and that all victories are celebrated, but it seems like every victory has a correction or two, waiting around the corner!
I miss the days of short quick discipline!
No such thing as quick and short discipline any more, in our house!  Every correction needs to be corrected carefully and with the care for further in life! 
These kiddos are closer to leaving home, then they are staying home!  They are all closer to college than they are the days where they slept in a crib or the bassinet in my room!
There is tons of training and strict training everyday.  There is tons of prayers that go up daily for my kiddos (and I'm sure from them).  I wish they could just magically understand, but they don't, they have to learn!  I have to teach them!  The real learning comes from learning a lesson on their own!  I want to protect them from that, but I know I can't and so many of times, for me, it's a watching and waiting game (lil advice here and there) and then the truth and the discipline take place.  The most difficult lessons they are learning, haven't required discipline, they have required an understanding heart an open-mind and a completely open ear (so I HEAR/HEART everything).
Thus here I am, waiting for my next opportunity to help with life lessons, not always to pick up the pieces and put them back together, most of the time it's to help them sweep their pieces in a pile, scoop them into the dust pan and throw them into the garbage, just to have them start from ground zero AGAIN! 
It's heart wrenching and awesome at the same time!  Their moments of victory are amazing, beautiful and thrilling!  There moments of correction are, amazing, beautiful and thrilling, but never at that moment, we have to get there!
My heart aches to help them grow up respectfully and my heart aches when the choice made is a bad one!  My heart leaps when they make good choices and when they have their "aha" moment!
I had a friend tell me a lil over a year ago (about the lil ones they were raising), "Chrissy, this is hard, it's really hard, I didn't know it would be this hard!"
I quoted back: "just remember to enjoy it and remember lil kids, lil problems, big kids, big problems"
I don't like eating my words...........I do love the kiddos we are raising, even with their "bigger problems" and their many many MANY corrections, and I will take my other words............and I will ENJOY IT!

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Sometimes the Aunt Hits Too Hard

This morning I was signing a Birthday card for my niece and I couldn't sign it Aunt Chrissy.  I just couldn't.  I tried to just do-it and my heart stopped, my hand cramped.  It's not at ALL because of her!  My niece is a doll, a sweetheart and a true blessing in my life!  It's my memory and my heart that stopped it.
This is the point where I just vent!
I don't need the I'm sorrys' and the that's too bads!  I just need a moment to vent and get it out and know that my feelings are real, right and even validated!
I'm not supposed, (I was supposed to be) an Aunt!  I'm not.....somehow I am and I am an Aunt to alot of GREAT kids!
As great as it is to be an Aunt, sometimes it's just a reminder of what was lost! 
I tell my kids about their Aunt Windy, all the while, I know, they don't really know.  But I tell them and they listen and engage in conversation and it makes me feel good and validated!
This afternoon, I signed a Birthday card to my niece: Chrissy!  Uncle Larry, Chrissy and so on! What's wrong with me??  I've never ever had myself stopped so suddenly and hard, by me!
I have so many nieces and nephews and it's never hit this hard before!
My heart ached and my eyes watered (eyes watering are sooo normal for me) and I heard myself say to my sister "I miss you".  I said it out loud!
Yep, I know, it's ok, to sometimes, feel this way and my feelings are right!
But MAN, right now, right when my niece is celebrating her 18th!  Seriously, I NEEDED to sign Aunt Chrissy and I just couldn't do it!
Sometimes the Aunt really really just hits too hard! 
I tell myself to celebrate  and enjoy all I have been blessed with!  I tell myself to be thankful and love!
I HATE that the hurt just reveals itself at the most inopportune time!  I HATE that I can't shake it!
In the same thought/breath, I'm thankful for my time and I'm thankful for my sister and for her life!
Sometimes, the missing just stinkin' hits at the worst time!
So, to redeem what has been given:
Happy Birthday my beautiful Niece!  Love, Aunt Chrissy!

Saturday, July 10, 2010


I sit, drinking my coffee and make a list in my head!  There is so much to be done at this house and with the kiddos, but now I need to get the other house ready for the new tenants!  ugh.  I have to find the time to get over there and clean, paint and make small repairs.........wait, I have to do that in this house.
It becomes overwhelming and I know I can't do anything about it today, on account of that work-thing.  I continue to plan and make the list in my head. 
Then I add up the time it will take to get it ALL  done and I realize my time and what I have to do are not realistic.
I don't want to miss a minute I can be with my kiddos and my hubby, but I know these things have to be done.......we have tenants moving in shortly.  The kiddos will be helping with both one gets out of taking care of business.
For now, I'll sit with my hubby, sip my coffee and continue with that list in my head or maybe I'll actually put it on paper...........
There's nothing I can do about the other house, but I can spend some quality time with the fam before heading to work.

This coffee is good, the company is enjoyable, the list GROWS!

Friday, July 9, 2010

FUN (I thought)

All these smiles!
Every time I think about this celebration, I smile!
I can't wait to do this again!

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Please STOP it!!!!!!

OH MY WOW!!  That's my line and will now  be referred to as OMW!!  I really like the word wow and use it alllllll the time, to the point where, when a coworker calls on the roundhouse line and they know it's me on the other end, I hear; "WOW!! Roundhouse Chrissy, OVER!"  SEE that's me, wow!!  All I can say is Wow!!  Does anyone remember Joey, from the sitcom; Give Me a Break?  I do and Joey's lil crazy voice saying "wow" is what I hear when I say it!

Hmmm, way off track here, I digress!
Back to the task at hand!

The words "STOP IT" refer to me in so many ways right now!

I could say STOP IT to

worrying (ooops I said that already)
grocery shopping
willing power in
allowing myself to become frustrated
expecting tooooo much from my kiddos
ohhh so many more!

Most of all I need to stop worrying and just wait!  My worry comes from not being in control and not being able to make things happen!
This isn't where I was going either!  Movin'on Chrissy!!

I am mostly speaking to  myself here.  But it has been a constant prayer on my heart.  I do it and I hate, really HATE, when I do it.  I compare myself and allow myself to believe the whole "I'm so busy compared to you" thing!
I tell my friends, not to compare themselves!
I NAG my kids and hubby about the entire comparing thing
and yet here I am!!!!!
Every day, I pray and I receive my answer.
My answer is quite simple:  "STOP IT"!  I also hear the explanation......your capacity is only your capacity (translation:  your busy is only your busy).  I realize, for the moment, what I am doing and where I am and I hear the words "your busy is NOT my busy"
I have heard these words spoken recently, not only by myself, but by so many others!
I PRAY AND PRAY AND PRAY!  I pray that I won't be so busy and that someone else can be busy or that, I won't be so busy "right now" and I receive that answer.................................................


Friday, July 2, 2010


I used the line today
It was a line my Mother had used with me several times, during my youth
I have used many of "the lines" since the kiddos came into my life
But this one just never came up!
Not that I had a problem with it or that it had some horrible memory with it, just that I've never used it!
and Today............
It just came out of my mouth!
I've never used it before, so it was a big surprise to me, when it came out!

You know that line:
When I say jump, you say, how high?!!

I have to say, it was good!  Very good!  It spoke perfectly and gave a visual image to my expectations and levels of respect and obedience expected from my kiddos! 
It was "spot-on"!