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Thursday, July 22, 2010

Love Lives Here..........

I walked into ......
the kids did their chores but didn't complete them
I found, they tell me it's done on the phone and when I get home.......
and walla      NOT's so easy to say it's done, when there's no followup (immediately)!
I got upset, angry and aggravated
I then said, forget it and I'll do it myself
and then I realized, I was letting them "off the hook"
No Way Jose!!!!!
Get on it, get it done, do your part, make things happen, make your house a home, c'mon everyone pitches in and there's no argument about wanna argue?  Good I'll add more
I'm frustrated, aggravated and disappointed in myself.....I wonder why I can't get a better hold on my kids, I get mad at myself for not catching the not done so-well, on the phone
I realize, I was on the phone
I'm aggravated, angry, mad and disappointed, all with myself
Then I remember,
A home I watched, hung out at, felt at home at, wanted to have for myself, enjoyed for myself,
while I was a young.
She was a young mom with kiddos, a few of them and she got it right..she made others feel at home, her home was always moving and working and it was more about the people than it was the clean!!!!
I remember feeling at home in that home!
a place of
LOVE LIVES HERE, Please come in..........
I feel like I'm doing something right, I feel like we are moving toward the place I see..
unfortunately, for my hubby, it isn't a place of immaculate keep it cleanness, it isn't a place where a clean freak with tons of energy lives (I wish I had tons of energy), and it SURELY isn't a place of spotlessness!!!!!
maybe one day I'll find that for him...(I'll keep trying)
It is a place of:
always working toward a goal
always trying to move in the right direction
It is a place of:
Trying to keep up
Trying to promote the positive
making people feel welcome (even if it means moving a pile of clean folded clothes off the couch, so they can sit)
It is a place of:
Everyone pitching in and everyone helping
But mostly,
It's a place of
That's my goal, that's the life I've been chasing.......That's the feeling I want to produce.... That's how I wanna ROLL!!
I found it so long ago and I'm amazed that it took me this long to realize what I was looking for:
My Home to say:


  1. Oh my gosh, I love this post!! You have so hit the nail on the head. We all want the clean house and the perfect kids, but that isn't really the most important thing. It's the people and what goes on between those peole that is the most important thing. I think that if we can get the second part right, the first part will follow and if it doesn't, who cares. You moved a pile of clean folded laundry, not a pile of dirty smelly clothes. I believe that people come to our house to see us, not how clean our house is and there is a huge difference between a dirty house and a messy house. Thank you so much for finding my blog because it lead me back to finding yours and I love it.

  2. I agree with Nancy. I wish so many times that I could rewind my past in how I raised my kids. I worried SO much about having a clean house and running the vaccum every day. I would get so aggrivated if their rooms weren't spotless or picked up. Finally when they reached the teen years, I gave up. I figured if they wanted to live in the pile method in their rooms, so be it. I wish I would have gone in their rooms more often to just sit and hang out and overlook the empty dorito bags or empty pop cans...I can't get those years back. But I hear what you are saying loud and clear. We all live in our houses and I have learned a big lesson that it might not be spic and span clean but there IS love there still....Sorry I rambled on and on...You are doing an awesome job at your mothering and keeping it all going...I do see your house as Love Living there!