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Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Adding On.....

Please don't turn my blog in for being hacked~It is me and this is true!
Meet our newest addition to our family:
Zuni Was headed back to the shelter, within 1 hour of him joining our familyHe was angry, uncomfortable, unsociable and just plain mean (I mean he was scared)!   
He was everything and every reason I am not a lover of the cats!
The kids were excited and I had to go to he wouldn't be returned that day!
I quickly FB'd the shelter and told them I thought we traumatized Zuni and he probably needed to come back.  She asked me to give it a little more time, like a week.  OMW, a week, of this cat scowling and hissing and scratching us!  I'm not sure if we can last that long but we can at least do the weekend!  The shelter went on to explain that this cat knows nothing but it's crate and will take time to get used to roaming and then the two BIG dogs may take a lil longer!
Thankfully, by the time I got home from work, the first night, Zuni was well on his way to making our home his, big dogs and all!  I received a phone call from Ya's saying "daddy was holding Zuni when we got home and Zuni was even purring"!
There went that plan of returning Zuni to the shelter.  Zuni has made his place in our home.  
  I'm not sure how much "mousing" this cat will actually do, now that he has settled into his place, in Ya's room!  
What was I thinking?
we are now cat owners.......keep it quiet!

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