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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Happy Birthday

To my Dad!!!
His heart is golden and his love is sweet!  I love you Dad!!!!

My cousin joined us.....I was so happy and so was Dad!!

Let's take a picture Dad

Stop chewing and let's take a pic Dad!  Man, he does enjoy food........good food!!
One more time PLEASE stop chewing and smile (ahem like you like me)!   I'll take it water spots and all!!!

We don't get many pics together Dad, this is ok!  Now, you can go back to eating.......Enjoy your Birthday dinner!!

Hey Dad, Let me get one of you and the kiddos before we leave............
Looks pretty good, 
Let me take one more

I'll tak'em both.........
You have to know that Aunt Polly was trying to get them to "give up" their to-go boxes, right before this pic!  Made me laugh, they didn't wanna give them up!  Even the kiddos enjoy good food!
I had to STOP the oldest from ordering lobster!  What have I done!!
Happy Birthday DAD!!!!!  Enjoy your day today and make it alllllllllll about you!  
I love you DAD!!!

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