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Saturday, July 10, 2010


I sit, drinking my coffee and make a list in my head!  There is so much to be done at this house and with the kiddos, but now I need to get the other house ready for the new tenants!  ugh.  I have to find the time to get over there and clean, paint and make small repairs.........wait, I have to do that in this house.
It becomes overwhelming and I know I can't do anything about it today, on account of that work-thing.  I continue to plan and make the list in my head. 
Then I add up the time it will take to get it ALL  done and I realize my time and what I have to do are not realistic.
I don't want to miss a minute I can be with my kiddos and my hubby, but I know these things have to be done.......we have tenants moving in shortly.  The kiddos will be helping with both one gets out of taking care of business.
For now, I'll sit with my hubby, sip my coffee and continue with that list in my head or maybe I'll actually put it on paper...........
There's nothing I can do about the other house, but I can spend some quality time with the fam before heading to work.

This coffee is good, the company is enjoyable, the list GROWS!

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