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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

I Call It

a few weeks ago, the laptop finally just wasn't enough!  I enjoy being able to sit on the couch and be on the Internet....I get to watch a movie and surf the net at the same time, kinda cool!  But it just wasn't cutting it any more!  I gave in and purchased a new the direction of a friend and much thought and tons of question and answer sessions....we went with a MAC.
I'm so thrilled with this thing......
So are the kiddos and the hubby.....
It's working out pretty good, the support is awesome and it's fast (any new computer would have been fast) and we like fast!!
It took two minutes to set-up and the kiddos were surfing the net......ahem, right after my session!!
I heard my youngest saying "wow, this is cool", then he hollered to me "Mom, Mom, this thing is fast"!  Well obviously he is thrilled! 
Ever since the date of purchase and set-up,
every morning....EVERY MORNING, I hear the youngest coming down the stairs, he doesn't even have his glasses on or the sleep out of his eyes, I'm not even sure if his eyes are even open yet!  I think he is still trying to wake up......
He says, loudly:
(hmmmmm, maybe we have a problem!!)

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  1. Lol...please tell me your kids are normal like mine and fight over the coveted computer! The crazy thing in our house (since Phil builds them) is that there is one FOR EACH OF US, and they STILL fight. The laptop is MINE ALL MINE, then there are 4 other desktops in the house. Everyone fights over the living room one. Go figure.