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Monday, July 19, 2010

I Love My Team

Team Witt came through again!
We had a ton to accomplish, owning a home requires everyone to pitch in!  Owning two homes requires everyone to carry part of the load! 
We had all those things you have to get done in a rest day, X's 2! 
From one home to the other and school before all that!
My big boy has made an excellent choice of getting his 2 credits of gym out of the way before he starts his freshman year!  It was an excellent choice on his part.  This does require me to get up early and give him a ride to school (no bus service)!
My kids are required to help and I don't find a problem with that.  They are required to help in every way with keeping up with these houses, after all, it benefits them too!
I don't ask my children to pitch in, I require it and it is expected!  I think it helps to produce "go-getter" attitude for life!  so far so good!
I don't usually get complaints from them to me and today was no different!  They didn't complain to me, they pitched in and got the tasks completed.  They did however, complain to one another!
At one moment, I finally told my oldest "have you met my two bitchy old women in the back seat"?  He laughed and the other two joined in the laughter and the complaining stopped for a minute and we were able to complete another task and the laughter lasted an extra moment!
Then back to getting stuff done, all the while they complained at each other!  But as long as their mouths were moving their bodies were moving and stuff was getting done!
Taping, tarping, cleaning, cutting, carrying, redoing and resupplying!  It was a day of accomplishments!
Not without trial and not without a few failures
But mostly full of success!
I have a pretty good team and they seem to be a good bunch of go-getter's!  Maybe, we did somethings right!  I'll keep praying, believing, training and disciplining!
I will take my small victory for today and enjoy the moment where...........................
Team Witt comes through again!
still another reason to be thankful....I love it!

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