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Thursday, July 8, 2010

Please STOP it!!!!!!

OH MY WOW!!  That's my line and will now  be referred to as OMW!!  I really like the word wow and use it alllllll the time, to the point where, when a coworker calls on the roundhouse line and they know it's me on the other end, I hear; "WOW!! Roundhouse Chrissy, OVER!"  SEE that's me, wow!!  All I can say is Wow!!  Does anyone remember Joey, from the sitcom; Give Me a Break?  I do and Joey's lil crazy voice saying "wow" is what I hear when I say it!

Hmmm, way off track here, I digress!
Back to the task at hand!

The words "STOP IT" refer to me in so many ways right now!

I could say STOP IT to

worrying (ooops I said that already)
grocery shopping
willing power in
allowing myself to become frustrated
expecting tooooo much from my kiddos
ohhh so many more!

Most of all I need to stop worrying and just wait!  My worry comes from not being in control and not being able to make things happen!
This isn't where I was going either!  Movin'on Chrissy!!

I am mostly speaking to  myself here.  But it has been a constant prayer on my heart.  I do it and I hate, really HATE, when I do it.  I compare myself and allow myself to believe the whole "I'm so busy compared to you" thing!
I tell my friends, not to compare themselves!
I NAG my kids and hubby about the entire comparing thing
and yet here I am!!!!!
Every day, I pray and I receive my answer.
My answer is quite simple:  "STOP IT"!  I also hear the explanation......your capacity is only your capacity (translation:  your busy is only your busy).  I realize, for the moment, what I am doing and where I am and I hear the words "your busy is NOT my busy"
I have heard these words spoken recently, not only by myself, but by so many others!
I PRAY AND PRAY AND PRAY!  I pray that I won't be so busy and that someone else can be busy or that, I won't be so busy "right now" and I receive that answer.................................................


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  1. My ocd kicks in when I feel like I'm losing 'control' of the things in my life (as if I really had any to begin with??) For me lately, that is keeping my car clean. It's a small area that I CAN have complete control over. Lord help the person who leaves a gum wrapper wadded up in the cup holder!