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Sunday, July 25, 2010

Only at the Job

I'm excited
someone started a new position tonite
even though I wasn't a huge part of it
I'm still excited
and nervous
I'll sleep with my phone
I'll hope for the best
I'll pray ALOT
I'll probably call and check on him
he'll probably be annoyed by me, but he'll answer his phone anyway
he will do a fine job
I'm not the only one standing by my phone
it's so exciting to be apart of someone headed toward a goal
it's nerve racking......and crazy
I love it!
I love seeing people and being apart of them move toward their goal
I'm excited
I'm apart of it, only a little!  I'm still apart and my phone is on and on loud (I never do that)
I'm ready and waiting.....
but mostly, I don't think I'll hear from him tonite!
I do think I will read an email about his successes this evening, tomorrow! 
I'm excited
I'm blessed to get to be apart of a new beginning for someone.....even if it's only at the job!!!

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