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Thursday, July 29, 2010

Someone Had a Really Good Idea

I had nothing to do with it!  I didn't even know they were planning it, until I was asked,
where can we put it!!
The kids and Papaw and I think, Gramma was involved too, planted a garden.  They started the seeds at Gramma and Papaw's and then brought home these plants and planted a small garden.
The kiddos take pride in the garden, checking on it and watering it everyday!  Sometimes, they ask me to come with them to check it out!  I love it!
They work together!
I'm not really involved 
Papaw and the kiddos have it handled....
The kiddos really do alot of it on their own, now.
So I just, sit back and relax and enjoy!  Both the kiddos and the Veggies! MMMMMM!

I get to see the smiles when they find something ready to pick
I get to watch them work together, toward the same goal
I just reap the benefits!

Papaw and Gramma had a really good idea!!

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  1. That is SO cool, Chrissy! Summer is nearly over my friend, and we haven't had the opportunity to get together :( How are Sunday afternoons for you guys? Do you work? August 8th is completely open. We could bbq and swim at my house! Let me know.