This is just an outlet for me, to be able to get my thoughts out! I am a Woman, Wife and Mommy that also works outside the home! Just me trying to make it all work for the best for my family and myself! Just my journey!

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Lil Moments

Sometimes I have to stand back and take it all in. 
I have to watch in order to find a new perspective. 
I found myself becoming negative and edgy and forgetting the bigger picture. 
I was getting lost in the moments!
I have to remind myself that success/failure isn't, necessarily, the end, it comes during the journey.
Of course, there is always the final result, but I could have failed in the final and succeeded on the journey.  After all, isn't the journey just as important as the final?  Just thinking.
I have stood back, watched, listened and mostly just didn't talk, just looked around and searched. 
BUT now, I'm working on it!
Working on the journey and not getting lost in the moments. 
Enjoying the journey and not getting frustrated at it. 
Changing my view point and looking at it all from a different perspective.
NOT getting lost in the moments,but seeing the bigger picture.
Sometimes, it just takes a moment to get the perspective right and sometimes it takes longer!
I'm working on the journey and not just the lil moments along the way, of course I am enjoying the journey and the lil moments along the way, but I'm not getting lost in the moments!
Finding both success and failure along the way. 
Enjoying the successes
and Learning from the failures.
The journey starts again with the right perspective.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Valentine's Day

is fun!!
maybe amazing!
We never "plan" to celebrate!
But we always do, in some way, shape or form!!
I'm blessed enough (or lucky enough) to be married to my best-friend......THE FIRST TIME!
We never plan to celebrate "sweetest day" in October and we ALWAYS do, in some way shape or form!!
(((I'd post a pic of him and I right here, but he's sleeping sound, OHHHH so sound and that makes me happy, so no pics, but picture, a happy couple, SMILING and in love and talking, cause we always talk, he's really good at talking)))))))
Any who, we do buy cards for each other, usually, on Valentine's Day and WE both make sure, usually him, more than me, make sure the kiddos are ON for Valentine's Day!!  There is nothing  better for a wife with children, than to have her husband on board with the whole "kiddos come first" thing!!!  But this year, none, uh-hhuuuummm, NONE of that happened!  No prebought cards (is that a word? if it isn't it should be)!  No chocolates. No flowers!  This year!  We were both busy and LOST in the busy!!  Even too busy for the kiddos (I'll buy them 1/2 price chocolate and cards tomorrow, hhmmmm, We're on to something here)!!  That too busy for kiddos started out hurting and ended up being REAL matter of fact!  Mommy and Daddy have been crazy busy and you all are doing well, so get it together and stop looking for the chocolate and GET YOUR CHORES DONE!!  Love Mom!
I have a hubby that likes too talk and will!  So on my way home from work, we decide that the kiddos aren't damaged and that I would leave 1/2 price chocolates and cards at home tomorrow!!  Although, I t ell him, I like it better when you do it, but OK for this year!!
But in our talking, I realize, I'm not getting a card either!  So I don't stop to purchase a V-Day card and I find, the sweetest, most kind, handwritten, note, Valentine card!! I'm blessed, very very blessed!  I'm teary because of his note, then on FB, I read several friends posts, out loud to him~ and WHOA, I'm overwhelmed!  He's with me, completely with me!  He says "awwweee" right where I would've, if he didn't take my breath away, with his "awwwee"!!
Now that's a fantastic Valentine's Day!! 

Friday, February 11, 2011

Finished With Singles!!!

Out of the single digits and into the doubles!!  
My Mitchy, the baby, turns 10 today!!
He's excited and his smile hasn't stopped!
And he LOVES chocolate!!!  (Is it possible to get "that" from the neighbor)

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Always REASONS to be Thankful!!

 making my way out of being stuck in a SNUNDERSTORM!!  I found my way home, really home, with a rest day, for the first time in 12 days!  With 3 of those days, totally stuck at work!  And as much as I would like to be getting stuff done, I just can't find my way out of this warm chair, from the side of a warm fire!  I love being home and can't wait until the kiddos get home from school and even more can't wait until my hubby get's home from work (he's NOT working ot tonight, because I'm home), I love the man that gives up OT for family time and even more wife and hubby time!  But for now, I'll enjoy my 2 biggest babies ever!  My 2 biggest babies, yeah right, I mean OUR 2 biggest babies, every family member in this house has something to do with the spoildness of these two babies!! 
So tonight I get to FINALLY see my Mitchy enjoy Karate, it will be his 4th lesson and I have yet to see it!!  I have had video and pics sent to me, but I get to enjoy it in person tonight, hoping the timing lands right!  I get to take my big boy Adam to the Dr. for a check and find out how we are doing with the changes set in place!  As Adam and I speak I notice a difference, but Adam has a way of being candid with his Dr. unlike how he is with me!  So I am anxious to see where we stand and what the next step is!!  My baby girl just changed her earrings for the first time this morning and she NEEDED my help, ok so not really, but she pretended and I'm OK with that!  I'm in anticipation of having my entire family together this evening and still can't find my way out of this chair, by the warm fire, to get stuff in order and have it done so we can just sit and enjoy one another!  But did I tell you I've been tromping through this snow for 11 days in boots that weigh 50lbs each (not really, but they are heavy and the snow doesn't make them lighter) and that I have endured a few blows at work that really took me down!  DON'T worry I am rising to meet the occasion and I keep reminding myself, that what was depicted is not necessarily is only someone's version of the truth!  I've taken a few blows personally lately too, but I know, know know, love always shows through!  The truth is always behind the love!
And I leave you with the text that got me through the past few days:  I've been thinking about you alot!  I know you can get through this!  Only 2 more can do it!!  I LOVE YOU!!
And that is why it is so important to marry your BEST FRIEND!!  OF course it helps if your hubby is good at using his words and mine is!  I'm thankful!

Monday, February 7, 2011

When the Coffee isn't Enough

After knowing the kiddos were well taken care of and happy at their situation!  I was able to turn and face this at work:
Along with the rest of the Midwest!
I packed my bag and headed out!  Hoping it wasn't going to be as bad as the predictions and really hoping that I would pick my kiddos up from their snowstorm hideaway, with their grandparents, on Wednesday morning!
But much to my dislike, I had to use my packed back and even had to purchase more clothing! 
Knowing my kiddos were well taken care of and that they were actually happy about their situation, made it very easy for me to focus on what was right in front of me:  Keeping all of us, that were snowed in at work safe, keeping all of us warm and trying to keep positive attitudes and a good outlook for all of us!  In spite of the problems we had, between losing all power, to losing most power, to equipment failures, to tromping through 20 some odd inches of snow and 6 foot snow drifts in heavy boots and the lack of sleep from all!
On Friday morning, when I finally made it home, knowing I had to turn around and go right back, I was barely able to sleep!  But I did FINALLY get to see my kiddos and my hubby and their smiling faces made me feel like we had done right!  Well taken care of and happy!!
So as I begin to recover from this crazy snunderstorm 2011, I'm finding that even my coffee isn't enough for the long days and little sleep and the tromping through the snow (in boots that I promise you weigh about 50lbs each) that has taken place!
But the smiling faces of my kiddos, the fact that they were well taken care of, has given the peace I needed in order to go back to bed on this Monday morning and sleep til 10:30!!
NOW, I will enjoy my coffee!  And pray my body has recovered from the abuse I have put it through this week!!