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Monday, February 7, 2011

When the Coffee isn't Enough

After knowing the kiddos were well taken care of and happy at their situation!  I was able to turn and face this at work:
Along with the rest of the Midwest!
I packed my bag and headed out!  Hoping it wasn't going to be as bad as the predictions and really hoping that I would pick my kiddos up from their snowstorm hideaway, with their grandparents, on Wednesday morning!
But much to my dislike, I had to use my packed back and even had to purchase more clothing! 
Knowing my kiddos were well taken care of and that they were actually happy about their situation, made it very easy for me to focus on what was right in front of me:  Keeping all of us, that were snowed in at work safe, keeping all of us warm and trying to keep positive attitudes and a good outlook for all of us!  In spite of the problems we had, between losing all power, to losing most power, to equipment failures, to tromping through 20 some odd inches of snow and 6 foot snow drifts in heavy boots and the lack of sleep from all!
On Friday morning, when I finally made it home, knowing I had to turn around and go right back, I was barely able to sleep!  But I did FINALLY get to see my kiddos and my hubby and their smiling faces made me feel like we had done right!  Well taken care of and happy!!
So as I begin to recover from this crazy snunderstorm 2011, I'm finding that even my coffee isn't enough for the long days and little sleep and the tromping through the snow (in boots that I promise you weigh about 50lbs each) that has taken place!
But the smiling faces of my kiddos, the fact that they were well taken care of, has given the peace I needed in order to go back to bed on this Monday morning and sleep til 10:30!!
NOW, I will enjoy my coffee!  And pray my body has recovered from the abuse I have put it through this week!!

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  1. You are one in a million Chrissy! Your family & co-worker's should be so proud of you. Makes me think of the song "I am women hear me roar". Drink up!