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Monday, January 31, 2011

Holding ON!

Has to keep reminding myself:
I wanted them to stay "kids" as long as possible!  But there's times, I can hear myself, saying to myself, "At that age I was......"!  There are times, I think "how immature"!!
Sometimes it's frustrating and it gets difficult!  Sometimes it's just plain annoying!  But most times, it's fun!  They are young at heart and have the understanding they need, for the age they are!
I remind myself, that I wanted them to enjoy childhood! 
There still kids and they are staying "kids" longer than what I did!
That's what I want!  It's what I have been striving to create for my children!
It's moments like these that remind children are still kids and they are NOT mini adults!

And that's just FINE with me!!

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  1. Thanks to the blizzard I'm finally taking the time to catch up on blog reading! Happy Birthday to you! I'm sorry I missed it. I've been in a fog the past few weeks (I know you get that.) Oddly enough with all this snow and no sun, I'm starting to see the light again and get out from under this fog.
    I do the same thing with my kids and am SO thankful they are still kids long past when I stopped being one.