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Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy New Year!!

My prayer
May 2011 find you very blessed!
I hope that 2011 finds you loving more openly
talking more and texting less
hugging more and holding grudges less
finding happiness more and searching to be angry less!

May 2010 have given you
lessons learned and a better way to do things
Hoping you carry that to 2011~~
I pray that the heart ache and hurt from 2010 find more healing in 2011
May your mistakes of 2010 be a life lesson for 2011 and beyond!!

I pray you remember a good memory from your past and forget a bad memory from your past!
I hope you find more aching belly laughs than belly aches!
I pray you have more HEALTHY days, than unhealthy days!

I pray you make a good friend and find an old friend!
That you seek the wisdom of someone with experience and that you share wisdom with someone without experience!
I hope you speak up, when you don't want too, but your heart is screaming!

I pray you hug a stranger and feel better for it!

I pray you have a dream and you seek it out!
I pray that you have short-term goal and you see it to success!

I hope you find time to visit more and run less!
I pray you MAKE time to go see a family member, just for funsies!

I pray you have a good cry and at the end you find a resolve!

I pray each night you go to bed with a positive thought on your mind!
I pray that instead of sleeping angry, you find a way to resolve it and you sleep CONTENT!

I pray that you hug the young ones  more than you yell at them!
That you look into the eyes of the ones you love more than you look away!
I pray you think about yourself less and others more!
I pray you give up a lil "ME time" for a lil more "US time"! 

I pray you find yourself praying for those (military, police, fireman, FBI, etc)  that protect us more than you find yourself damning the government!

I hope when your served your jury duty notice, you find yourself thinking of those that have relied on jurors, more than you find yourself trying to get out of it!

I hope your late for work because you are being there for someone and that you are on time for work, in spite of crazy traffic!!

I pray you sleep less in order to love more, but you feel more rested than ever!
I pray you spend an entire night on your knees praying and an entire day on your side sleeping!  (isn't your side the only way to sleep)!

I hope you have more good hair days than bad hair days
I hope you find the perfect jeans and spend less money seeking them out!

I pray you find yourself super cold only to be warmed by the one you love holding you close!

I pray your stop trying to understand and leave it in Gods hands, that you have the understanding of not understanding! 
I pray you find peace even in the midst of chaos!

I pray you try something you've never tried
I pray you "do" something spontaneously! 
I pray you follow the heart that God gave you!
I pray you never feel alone and if you do, you take the chance to reach out and let a friend know how your feeling!

My prayers all day long were for my family and friends for 2011.  2010 left behind life lessons, broken hearts, successes and failures!   A perfect mix to make 2011 a better year!

If you doubt what I say, I pray you put it into Gods hands, fully, for a day and watch your life change!

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  1. Sorry this is late but Happy New year my friend. Great Prayer!