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Thursday, January 27, 2011

39! WOW or not!

My 39th Birthday showed up on the 25th of this month!  It was greeted by me with a Je ne sais quoi attitude by me!!  It wasn't a big deal or a little just was a Birthday and a reason to celebrate!  Perfect for me  this year!
This year I received some great gifts, both tangible and intangible! 
two pairs of comfy socks!!  Fuzzy n warm.....not the kind I can wear to work
Flowers...beautiful colorful flowers, picked out by my children
an Awesome card...said something about the heat when I'm around my hubby :-)
A meal cooked by my Mommy!
 The act of being passed by a police officer, while I was speeding!
An amazing work day.....that gave me at atta-girl the next day!
Lots of love!  Amazing love!
Lunch with a friend
A new good book!!  2 of'em actually (one sexy and one christian self improvement) you figure it out!
Beautiful, possibly gorgeous, kitchen cabinets on order and the promise that they would be amazing!
A new coffee mug that makes me tear up every time I see it!
Cheesecake with two VERY good friends that make me laugh, smile, cry and live life for real!
The reality, of the joy, that I married my best friend!
The anticipation of another celebration........ (Yay me)!!
The overwhelming well wishes on FB from friends and family both past and present!
The reminder that prayer changes everything!
A Birthday wish, that wished me a Happy 25th Birthday  :-)
An AMAZING bottle of wine that went really well with pizza (probably would've gone well with anything for that matter)!
The Word that changed my mindset on my Birthday and every day!
Another chance to tell the truth!
A clean house and laundry done (as done as it gets in my house)!
A beautiful necklace pendant from my Mom's trip to Croatia!
The beauty of my Dad calling me to wish me a Happy Birthday, on my actual Birthday (first time in my life he got the date right, without my mom at his side)!  Amazing!!!!!
I received a better perspective, I had a good perspective, but now it's gooder!!!!!
One entire year to reach the goals, I have set for myself,  by the age of 40!!!
My 39th Birthday was AMAZING, it showed me, even more, how blessed I really am!
Thanks God for my 39th Birthday and for making it so beautiful!

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  1. Hope you had a great birthday, Chrissy. Thirty-nine isn't old at all -- trust me! :)