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Monday, January 24, 2011

Family Friendships Are Personal To Each Member

I find one of the most beautiful relationships for me to watch, that blesses me over and over is when I have a friend that enjoys my children.  One that creates a bond with them and enjoys them for who they are, good, bad and ugly!

I hear my single friends talk about when is the right time for their children to meet a new friend and how careful they are about who, when and how they meet them!!  I realize that my hubby and I do the same thing!  I'm cautious about when my children meet a new friend of mine and who they meet!
Realizing this made it all the more beautiful.....
When I listened to my friend talk about my boy
I listened to his perspective and their relationship and how much he really cares about my son...
And then my mind goes back to the day my husband introduced us to him and how careful he was for the right time and place!  I remember questioning my husband and being sooo cautious! 
My hubby assured me
This new friend came in and shook my sons hand, at the time he was probably around 9 years old.   Their relationship has been one of trust, honor and love!  It's so sweet...he is someone my son has found to be honorable and someone to model his life after, a good role model, if you will! 

We have so many relationships and our family has family friends, but I stopped and realized how different each one of our relationships are with each friend.  It's such a neat thing to stand back and REALLY look at!

And that's when you realize how much your friends bless you, but when they are a blessing to your children, the blessing is more abundant than one could have ever imagined!

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