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Sunday, January 9, 2011

Both Paths Cross

This week has been hard and hectic and stressful!
I've learned that my kiddos get even more "stressed out" now, and mommy can't fix it.
They have to learn to cope and find their own way through.  I can help guide and give advice.  But it's up to them to decide whether to accept my help or reject it.  I can pray and watch, but I can't "fix it" for them!
At work I have finally accepted the fact that, everyone brings home with them!  It's impossible to separate and leave home at home and work at work.   I have accepted this to a point in the past, but this week, I really realized it's value and the toll it takes on everyone.
As you learn each other, because we spend so much time together, we become invested in each others lives, whether we realize it or not and whether we want it or not.  We are together at work a large portion of our day.
I always thought, I was keeping it separate and this week I came the realization that I don't.  I talk to my family on the phone while I am at work, I become irritated, frustrated, happy, excited, etc after talking on the phone to them, my family changes my mood while I am working and my coworkers see it!  They may not say anything and I may not say anything but it does affect me while at work.  To an extent, I can control this, NOT completely.  I'm invested in the lives of my family and my coworkers.
As I listened to my husband talk about his coworkers this week, I realized we are both invested in their lives and I don't even know them, but he cares for them, so I do!
I'm not sure how it is "supposed" to be, but I do know how it is.  I do know that it affects both ways both home and work.
I've always heard the line "leave work at work" and the other line "leave your home life at the door when you get to work"!  I've also heard this one several times "leave your feelings in your glove box".  It's impossible.  Maybe only for me and maybe only for a few, MAYBE some people do that, but I haven't experienced it some extent each part of our lives cross the other part.  It's human!  Right?  God created us to care and love one another, so isn't that the only way?
It really hit me this week at a funeral.....
Have you ever notice how many coworkers come to a persons funeral?

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