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Monday, January 17, 2011

this one time......

ya, at band-camp!!  lol.  At least that's what I told her!
I listened to many dreams, very early in the morning....even though I was an early riser, I wasn't ready to "listen" until much later in the morning!!  I only "functioned" first thing!
This one time........or after a few times.....I learned how to listen and enjoy, first thing in the morning!  I don't know if this kiddo will ever know or realize what she taught me, when I was supposed to be caring for her!
This one time....or quite a few times..... my friend taught me what it is to laugh at life.....and to enjoy and not to sweat the stuff that doesn't count!
This one time.....or quite a few kiddo taught me to sing out loud, again, in the car!!  As loud as we can!
These last few kiddo taught me....that, I still don't know anything about raising kiddos and that I need to continue to pray on it and listen to learn how to do it!
This one time.......OK maybe a few kiddo reminded me of what it feels like, when we 'need' to be totally cuddled!!!!
This one time.....or quite a few times, in Mom reminded me of how much I really need her!!  As much as I try to prove, I can do it on my own, I realize how much I can't!!  And my Mom comes thru where I am lacking!
This one time, or many times, my hubby shows me how much he loves me, even though I am so concerned with what is going on with "me" and only "me"!!
I learned and continue to learn that, no matter what I think I know, I still don't know and I still don't understand!
This one time, or quite a few times, I learned how to really listen. when I "shouldn't" even be awake!!
This one time, OR several times, I have been taught, that it is necessary to "run by" a friends house when I barely have the time!
This one time I learned, much I really enjoy my house......specifically,  my kitchen!!
This one time..........I learned it's better to hug than to holler!!!  I'm happy I learned that in one time!!
this one time..........several times.......I learned what it's like to be there for someone else!!  It's far better than having someone there for me!!

I can tell you that my thinking started to change, when this one kid started making me listen early in the morning........but the truth is, it started far earlier......this one time when I met this one person and it was this one time......someone wasn't afraid to tell .......and this one time, I wasn't afraid to listen!!  

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  1. So glad you are singing out loud in the car...It's a stress reliever! Our kids teach us so much. One of my favorite memories was when Steph and I would sing together in the car..Silver bells was the song we liked the most. And I think we never stop needing our mom's. And I would love to see a picture of your new kitchen.