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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Valentine's Day

is fun!!
maybe amazing!
We never "plan" to celebrate!
But we always do, in some way, shape or form!!
I'm blessed enough (or lucky enough) to be married to my best-friend......THE FIRST TIME!
We never plan to celebrate "sweetest day" in October and we ALWAYS do, in some way shape or form!!
(((I'd post a pic of him and I right here, but he's sleeping sound, OHHHH so sound and that makes me happy, so no pics, but picture, a happy couple, SMILING and in love and talking, cause we always talk, he's really good at talking)))))))
Any who, we do buy cards for each other, usually, on Valentine's Day and WE both make sure, usually him, more than me, make sure the kiddos are ON for Valentine's Day!!  There is nothing  better for a wife with children, than to have her husband on board with the whole "kiddos come first" thing!!!  But this year, none, uh-hhuuuummm, NONE of that happened!  No prebought cards (is that a word? if it isn't it should be)!  No chocolates. No flowers!  This year!  We were both busy and LOST in the busy!!  Even too busy for the kiddos (I'll buy them 1/2 price chocolate and cards tomorrow, hhmmmm, We're on to something here)!!  That too busy for kiddos started out hurting and ended up being REAL matter of fact!  Mommy and Daddy have been crazy busy and you all are doing well, so get it together and stop looking for the chocolate and GET YOUR CHORES DONE!!  Love Mom!
I have a hubby that likes too talk and will!  So on my way home from work, we decide that the kiddos aren't damaged and that I would leave 1/2 price chocolates and cards at home tomorrow!!  Although, I t ell him, I like it better when you do it, but OK for this year!!
But in our talking, I realize, I'm not getting a card either!  So I don't stop to purchase a V-Day card and I find, the sweetest, most kind, handwritten, note, Valentine card!! I'm blessed, very very blessed!  I'm teary because of his note, then on FB, I read several friends posts, out loud to him~ and WHOA, I'm overwhelmed!  He's with me, completely with me!  He says "awwweee" right where I would've, if he didn't take my breath away, with his "awwwee"!!
Now that's a fantastic Valentine's Day!! 

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  1. You know me...not much of a romantic. And Phil?? Enough said. We don't really celebrate Valentine's Day, and I'm totally ok with that. For real! He did do something for me, that was very sweet. Remember how my favorite Bible was someone else's? I always wanted to get the same Bible new and all 'mine' with just my notes in it. Remember it had this other person's name on it? Anyway, I finally (after years and years) decided to look for it online. Phil had some credit at Amazon and just went and ordered it for me. Not for Valentine's Day, just because he knew I wanted it. That is love! And those are the kinds of things we do all the time...every day or week, or whatever.