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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Always REASONS to be Thankful!!

 making my way out of being stuck in a SNUNDERSTORM!!  I found my way home, really home, with a rest day, for the first time in 12 days!  With 3 of those days, totally stuck at work!  And as much as I would like to be getting stuff done, I just can't find my way out of this warm chair, from the side of a warm fire!  I love being home and can't wait until the kiddos get home from school and even more can't wait until my hubby get's home from work (he's NOT working ot tonight, because I'm home), I love the man that gives up OT for family time and even more wife and hubby time!  But for now, I'll enjoy my 2 biggest babies ever!  My 2 biggest babies, yeah right, I mean OUR 2 biggest babies, every family member in this house has something to do with the spoildness of these two babies!! 
So tonight I get to FINALLY see my Mitchy enjoy Karate, it will be his 4th lesson and I have yet to see it!!  I have had video and pics sent to me, but I get to enjoy it in person tonight, hoping the timing lands right!  I get to take my big boy Adam to the Dr. for a check and find out how we are doing with the changes set in place!  As Adam and I speak I notice a difference, but Adam has a way of being candid with his Dr. unlike how he is with me!  So I am anxious to see where we stand and what the next step is!!  My baby girl just changed her earrings for the first time this morning and she NEEDED my help, ok so not really, but she pretended and I'm OK with that!  I'm in anticipation of having my entire family together this evening and still can't find my way out of this chair, by the warm fire, to get stuff in order and have it done so we can just sit and enjoy one another!  But did I tell you I've been tromping through this snow for 11 days in boots that weigh 50lbs each (not really, but they are heavy and the snow doesn't make them lighter) and that I have endured a few blows at work that really took me down!  DON'T worry I am rising to meet the occasion and I keep reminding myself, that what was depicted is not necessarily is only someone's version of the truth!  I've taken a few blows personally lately too, but I know, know know, love always shows through!  The truth is always behind the love!
And I leave you with the text that got me through the past few days:  I've been thinking about you alot!  I know you can get through this!  Only 2 more can do it!!  I LOVE YOU!!
And that is why it is so important to marry your BEST FRIEND!!  OF course it helps if your hubby is good at using his words and mine is!  I'm thankful!


  1. Chrissy -- Enjoy your short downtime. You deserve it. :)

  2. Thanks for you positive outlook. It's catching and that's a very good thing.